What Helped Me Crack Coding And Top My Exams After Failing Throughout College

Posted by Internshala in Education
August 24, 2017

Demolition, desperation, and depression. These three words became synonymous with my life after the first year of college. Being a computer science student with absolutely no coding background meant that I needed to put in double the efforts. However, when it came to coding, I failed thrice in my exams and got backlogs in subjects like Programming, Data Structures, and Advanced Programming. I had virtually given up on coding and wanted to quit the stream for another option.

Amidst such depression, I stumbled upon Android. It fascinated me, but I knew I could not do anything about it as my programming basics were not clear. When all seemed lost, I came to know about the Internshala training program through a friend. At first, I didn’t bother about it, but there was something eerily soothing about the UI of the website which compelled me to try it once. I had some money saved and invested it in the Android winter training.

The training was divided into 4 modules, each having a test of its own. Projects like making an Android calculator app were also included for a rigorous training regime. I started off quite slow, learning and practising the basics of Java first and later moving to Android. I was also attending summer classes at the college and studying to clear my backlogs. I had always thought that I could do any free course online or watch videos on YouTube – after all, the content would be same everywhere on the internet.

Boy, could I be any more wrong!

The platform had a tailored content for learning. It started with focusing on all the basics and then gradually escalated, covering everything that any beginner needed. It answered many questions and doubts that I had for a long time. Slowly but steadily, the training helped me improve my coding and also helped in understanding the concepts being taught in the summer classes.

The flexibility offered by the online training program was another advantage. I could study for as long as I wanted and according to my own schedule, which helped me manage college work too. Moreover, the free Placement Preparation Training gave many handy interview tips and also taught me the intricacies of writing impressive cover letters. The support provided was also great. Whenever I faced any problems, I used to shoot messages or emails to the team and the response was always quick. I was glad that this was not another money-hogging website which doesn’t care about you once the fee is paid. The support team genuinely cared and helped me at every step.

In short, this training changed my life. The same coding which was leading me into dark became my lightsaber! I topped all my backlog exams and within two months of completing the training, I developed two apps which are available on the Google Play Store. After successfully developing the first app, my interest in coding increased significantly. I started devoting a lot of time towards this regularly and topped the subsequent exams in the next semester! I started getting noticed for my coding skills and even got offers to work with a couple of startups. Now, I have also completed IoT training and added yet another skill to my arsenal.

About the Author: Ankush Sharma is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. He joined Internshala Trainings for Android Training and shares how the learning transformed his life. This story was first published on Internshala.