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How about a well rated cab driver for your ride

Posted by GiftAbled
August 7, 2017

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I always wondered how I ended up getting good cabs and sincere and honest drivers, until I found the reason behind same a month back… I was driving in Uber and having casual chat with driver, appreciating how good his rating was, how neatly he had kept his cab… Just 5 mins before I got down, something interesting that stuck me was how I always got a 4+ rated cabs and here I get answer from him. Maam just like you rate us, we too rate customers and when your rating is high you get high rated drivers… I was like “Really??? While each time I got down of cabs I always loved seeing driver rating me 4 or 5 and felt good about it but never knew how it mattered.” But my conversation with him made me realise how it did! 🙂 I asked him I can’t view my rating can you? An he said yes it’s 4.7 maam:) Wowwww I am a good and respectful rider 🙂 Today while I was talking about it to team, our Social media expert and problem solver Arun showed me how I can check my rating and this made my day, today I stand at 4.76 stars:)

Also got to know how challenging it is for Cab drivers, if we cancel cabs for a delay of 2 minutes from their end, especially when we are aware that they aren’t near when we book cab and confirmed it… We never take a moment to think from other’s perspectives at time, never step in their shoes… There may be few harsh cases but there are many sincere cases too! Loved reading Arun’s blog on how cancelling affects them… So won’t stress more on that!

Ending it with a request to all to be kind and polite and take decision thoughtfully 🙂 Remembered this famous quote “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle, you know nothing about”



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