How can he get raped? Come on he’s a male!

Posted by Hardik Lashkari
August 30, 2017

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There was never so much rain in New Delhi before – that day, it seemed that clouds wanted to shower whatever they brought with themselves – it had been raining for last  6 hours and still there were no signs of rain stopping. Sun was about to set and rush on roads was at its peak. Everybody was in a rush to reach home before the things could get worsen due to heavy rain.

Amidst the heavy rain and never seen-before rush on roads of capital city, there were around 10 people standing at India Gate and carrying a peaceful candle light march. They carried some slogan boards, which read –

“We want justice for Arnav”,

“Don’t teach only your son how to behave, teach your daughter also to behave nicely with somebody else’s son”

“Rape doesn’t see gender – boy or girl, everybody can be raped”

“Hang her till death, she raped Arnav”

A Police Control Room (PCR) van was as usual taking a routine round of India Gate when they saw this candle march. A police officer came out from PCR Van to inspect the group,

“What happened? Why are you all gathered here?”

“Sir, we are here to carry a candle light for one of our friend.”

“Why? I don’t think a girl has been raped recently?”, police officer asked anxiously,

“Sir, a boy has been raped. That’s why we are carrying this candle march.”

“Haha, what a joke? A boy can get raped? Seriously, you guys crack some really nice jokes.”

He called other police officers too from PCR and started narrating them the conversation, “See these crazy people, they crack some really nice jokes. Can you imagine they are carrying a candle light march because a boy has been raped?”

“Sir this isn’t a joke, our friend has been raped. Not only raped, he has been emasculated.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sir, sir, his penis, I mean his external male sex organs have been damaged completely.”

“What? Means he’ll never be able to do a sex now?”

“It isn’t about just sex, his organ has been damaged, he can’t live a normal life now. Forget about living normal life, he is at the moment in the hospital fighting between death and life.”

“Stop rubbish, how can a male get raped? It could be just a little scratch when he was trying too hard on the girl? Wait, it seems that he could be raping a girl and in the process, girl damaged his organ in self-defence.”

“Boys can’t get raped, they can only enjoy getting raped. How cool when a girl dominates a boy brutally in process of doing a forced sex with her.”, another police officer sarcastically pointed out.

Yes, a boy too gets raped, his sex organs are also damaged sometimes – how strange? Isn’t it? Was it strange when a girl in same city got raped and her sex organ was damaged by inserting a rod? No, it was heart-breaking and moreover, it was a shameful act committed by a human being to another human being. Likewise, if a boy is raped – isn’t it also shameful instead of being a strange act? No ways, how can a boy get raped?

Yes, this happens – men get raped – even their sex organs are damaged so badly that they can’t live a normal life – and it isn’t just about doing sex again – their manhood is challenged and more often it is defeated.

We have always seen rape, domestic violence and sexual assault as females’ issues – victims are females, the culprits are males.

Sexual discrimination arises since we have our own assumptions about genders – males are strong and can cope with the situation, while females are weak and vulnerable.

We often claim that rape is an absolute disgusting act for humanity – and yes, I believe it is undoubtedly – but can we, just for a moment, give emasculation the same place in list of crimes that we have provided to rapes?

Women are always kept in centre when a law is made, and that’s why every criminal law is women-centric and it leaves minimal scope for the males to report any discrimination/ sexual assault committed by a female against a male. Indian Penal Code, which speaks about equal justice irrespective of gender, is the same law that is used as a weapon to challenge masculation ability.

Does emasculation only occur as a consequence of rape? No, when manhood of a man is challenged and defeated badly, when he is abused & violated by taking a shield of feminism and when he can’t do anything but either survive or kill himself, ‘emasculation’ happens.

Can we please understand that men may also be victims of rape and domestic violence? Can we stop making the laws just as women centric? Can we discuss this taboo topic emasculation in the same way we discuss about rapes? Can we just go ahead then seeing penis of a male just as a sex organ? Come on can we?



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