How can India elect the Right people

Posted by Mahesh Kumar Rathi
August 15, 2017

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Firstly, the Election Commission should without consulting the present govt. set minimum education standards for our elected representatives. When any important employment in this country whether in the private or public sector  always has certain basic minimum qualification,why not for those who run the country.

Besides there should also be some exams for all elected representatives after they are elected and only those who pass be allowed in, even failed candidates and local citizens be allowed to sit in the exam….where certain questions on situations and conditions are set , on what the rep.wants to do for his constituency, how much his constituency needs funds, how he plans to allocate them, what are the needs of his constituency, what is his vision for the nation, last question.. why should he be allowed in Parliament or state Assembly… Basic objective …it’s all written down how would he contribute to the development of the nation. It shows his mindset.


There should be not be objective type questions as rep. may try to copy n cheat and answers be written in any language  by elected rep. In their own handwriting long hand which should not be limited to so many words or pages.

The public be asked to choose in a subsequent vote the results of the exam..if the elected rep.fails miserably and a common citizen gets through . No question of buying votes,intimation by goons and good people get elected.

Does the election commission have the stomach for such reforms.?

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