How Does A Computer Science Course From The MIT School Of Vedic Sciences Benefit Me?

Posted by MIT Vedicsciences
August 31, 2017

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Computer Science is a field where most Indians are currently looking to develop a booming career. With the onset of the era of digitization of industries and the movement of people and companies towards a more connected, more advanced and digitized world; a course in computer science can go a long way in helping people build the career that they had only dreamt of before.

With the inclusion of ancient Vedic knowledge herein, it is possible to develop a far greater and comprehensive perspective of computer sciences. This merger of two knowledge streams is a feat that has been brilliantly achieved by the educational experts at MIT. Here, we would be giving you some exciting reasons to join a computer science course at the MIT School of Vedic Science and tell you more about the many ways by which it may benefit you:

The Advantages of Knowledge Engineering

The core of knowledge engineering is all about the modelling, storing, processing, mining, correlation and inference of knowledge that is often contained within rich natural languages. This field has existed for a long time in a variety of forms. However, the vast reserves of knowledge that exist in the form of expert systems have remained at an exceptionally small scale so far, mostly limited to their usage in highly niche applications. The B.Tech in Computer Science course at the MIT School of Vedic Sciences enables students to decode and understand the tremendous heritage of computing knowledge that has been left to our generation by the technologically advanced people of ancient India.

The Benefits of Vedic Sciences

Vedic Education consists of vast treasures of human knowledge that have lasted with us for longer than a millennia. Existing in oral traditions as well as 4+ million written manuscripts written in dozens of Indic scripts and languages, the Vedic Sciences are yet to be fully deciphered. Right from subjects such as ecology, biology, psychology, agriculture, metallurgy, architecture and astronomy; India’s traditional sciences are able to provide us with a solid foundation using which we can enhance our computing skills. Texts from the śāstra, for instance, are far more suited to machine processing as compared to modern language texts. As a result, the application of Vedic concepts of learning to the advanced computing technologies available today brings us a rich treasure trove of knowledge that combines the best of both worlds.

We hope this insight into the computer science course fundamentals and vedic knowledge repositories enables you to develop a wonderful career in the field of information technology. We would recommend that you join a degree course at the MIT school of Vedic Sciences in order to experience the perfect blend of vedic education and computer sciences in your studies. We hope you enjoy your course!

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