How is hindutva fascism serving the globalisation process?

Posted by Krishna Singh
August 10, 2017

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Fascism is another form of capitalism, like state capitalism, crony capitalism, social democracy, etc.
Capitalist democracy means democracy for capitalist class and its henchmen. Automatically it means dictatorship against the exploited class. In fascism, this dictatorship is at its worse.
Why dictatorship? To raise the falling rate of profit, which has tendency to fall to ZERO, and faster in economic crisis. Monopoly capitalism or imperialist capitalism plunders the people & the natural resources with force, with military!
Fascism cannot achieve this target (Another form of globalisation, where the monopoly capitalism breaks the IBs) alone and only with the help of state power and its various machineries, like police or judiciary.
So, here is the answer of this question. Fascism incorporates a section of the mass, in name of religion, caste, colour (Like in present US), national chauvinism, personality cult, etc with the help of using capital, share in power, like Mukhiya, MLAs, etc and some low level services/factories, like petrol pump, with certain motivation to unemployed but ignorant and lumpen youths!
In India, Congress & its allies had created a fertile land for the fascism, since 1990 in name of reform, globalisation. 2008 world crisis is still lingering and it spoiled the so called opening of the market. Corruption is part of capitalist mode of production, like unemployment and ignorance.
Here the bourgeois class of India and imperialist countries found RSS/BJP a better “service provider” or “manager” and then after the plot is very clear. Now the capital, finance capital is plundering the people with ‘pleasure’.

But mind it, despite all drama and oppression of the people the profit rate is still falling on “high rate” of GDP. Do not be blinded by the government’s data on GDP, which is corrupt.
Solution is only one, a socialist revolution!

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