Are we Indians open to change?

We, Indians, grow up in families where we are trained to silently absorb whatever we are told and never think upon or question those ideas. Children brought up like this are often ones that end up becoming dummies who don’t want to let go of old primitive thoughts or accept ideas new to them.
Those who do grow out of it (read, reflect, argue and learn) are termed as libtards, antinationals, feminazis and many other words meant to be insulting and hey let’s not forget that there’s a bonus if you are a female. You can almost never have a peaceful argument with such people because they’re always on “abuse” mode to anyone and everyone who differs with their ideology. They don’t understand discussions or arguments. And these people are a majority in our country, thanks to the oppressed, closed minded upbringing and normalization of herd mentality.
This explains people disregarding right to privacy, supporting religious policies favouring majority and even the latest issues of public concern like that of marital rape.
We live in an inherently patriarchal society were most men don’t understand the concept of consent. From a very young age, a boy sees systematic oppression of women around him and without an opportunity to think freely, starts assuming it’s an inherent right of his to use a woman’s body to please him against her will. He thinks marriage is license to exercise his “masculinity” and power. As if its an obligation for a woman to have sex whenever he demands it. This poison is deep rooted into the minds of several of our people.
In an online poll conducted on twitter by The Indian Express, 30% of voters said they do not think marital rape should be criminalized and 8% said they don’t know. The poll represents the voice of a small population of people (people with access to internet and education). So the plight of women in rural or underprivileged areas can only be imagined.

In a country like India, alongside legal amendments and introduction of new laws, we need to develop a culture of questioning and reflecting. Many of the evil practices in our society died out because we recognized their flawed nature and decided to accept newer and more just practices. That’s only possible if we make ourselves susceptible to changes. If we can create avenues for broadening our views and a way of learning from others with a different perspective. This needs to Start from individual homes. From ourselves.