How to Be More Confident

Posted by bensim
August 18, 2017

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A few words on being confident – fake it till you make it.

According to a TED Talk by behavioural psychologist Amy Cuddy, the body changes the mind.

Ever notice the last time you put on a suit and how you acted differently?

Not sure whether if it was the weight of the blazer that made you feel protected or that the suit itself was a symbol of status.

Either way, you would not have acted the same way if you were wearing sportswear. You would move about more freely. You wouldn’t worry so much about sweating.

And that’s the first part of faking it:

1. Dress to Impress (Yourself)

“When you look good, you feel good,” said every guy who was flexing in the mirror.

What is your killer outfit? The armor you put on to show them whose boss?

Start off your confidence journey with that piece.

If you only have one, buy a few more and wear it.

No excuses.


2. The Leonardo Way

I named this method after the ever hardworking actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He did literally every acting role imaginable until he played a guy that basically growled his way to his first Oscar.

Since the body changes the mind, act on the following:
– Breathe deeply
– Speak strongly
– Chest up
– Stomach in
– Head levelled (to ensure you don’t look arrogant)

Practice the above long enough and you will be on your way to the Oscars of Confidence.

3. Master Yourself

You can’t be confident unless you are certain… and I’m not talking about subject knowledge or some trivial facts.

I’m talking about knowing your own psychology and what makes you unique and excited about things.

Many times our confidence is challenged when somebody pokes a hole into a quality we possess or our mistakes in our past.

We cower and retreat because the pain, guilt and doubt is too overwhelming.

Mastering yourself requires you to make peace with all your troubles.
The times when people wronged you. The times you hurt a loved one. The times you made a silly mistake.

You must be able to forgive yourself and forgive them.

Once done, you must now reflect on the person you are. Your true self.

You must have the guts to say loudly and proudly that you would much rather stay at home and sleep than to party.

You must stick to your guns when you say that you will not follow your friend’s request to lend him money because it is your principle.

Resentment is unavoidable at first. But it slowly turns into respect down the road.

Being confident is being absolutely comfortable in your skin.

Written by Ben Sim from iPrice Group.




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