How to get more voters

Posted by Aishwarya Sandeep
August 18, 2017

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There are two prime reasons why the youngsters even despite being enrolled as voters are not interested to vote.

  1.  They feel that their one vote will barely make any difference
  2.  The long waiting hours outside the poll booth, which will cost them their time

The following is the solution to have maximum voters participate as per me

  1. Educate the importance of Voting and NOTA

Many of the Youngsters feel that Politics = Corruption and only those who are corrupt will be ruling us so no use of wasting my time and energy. Well, that is not completely wrong, but it is important to make them understand by different media (such as Facebook and Whatsapp Campaign), or this Campaign. It is  important to educate the youngsters that it is because of their ignorance that we are left to be ruled with the decision of those who have voted.

It is also important that these new voters understand the option of NOTA, which would then make them realise that they can actually address that there is an option where they can tell the government that the candidates who have stood for the election are not correct.


2. Make Voting process simpler

If we can link Adhar Card to the Voter ID, then a person need to run around to make his Voters Card. These days atleast in the urban areas almost every individual has a smart phone, which have finger lock technology. If we can use the same and make an app, by which we can vote using our smartphones (Once Adhar card is also connected to Voter ID all details including  finger prints are available), that would reduce the rush at the Voting Booth and also be of a huge convenience to a lot of people like Senior Citizen, Pregnant women office goers etc. In order to avoid any forge voting gor any tampering, it is important that we keep only one vote per phone and pre-registration for the same as mandatory.

Ultimately, making a citizen realise the value of his vote will only encourage him to participate in the election process.


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