How to Overcome Overthinking

Posted by abhi123
August 19, 2017

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We seem to think too much. Experts say we let our minds manage our lives by letting a lot of uncontrolled thoughts flow. The idea is that if we learn to manage the flow of thoughts, we could focus only on those that benefit us to achieve our dreams and our goals. Therefore, it is not a question of staying in a state of flat encephalogram, but of not thinking about useless things.


Women think more than men


In this of freeing our mind to go wherever we are women experts. According to American psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen, women have active 90% of the brain while men only 9%. And from this data can be deduced several surprizing things.


The brains of women and men do not work the same way. Perhaps that’s why we are doomed to not understand each other since the brain capacities we activate are different. This could be explained by the widespread belief that women talk more than men, and if we go to the extreme, it would also have some logic that other myth that women are more intelligent than men.


But that woman has more active brain capabilities is not as positive as it seems, since that may be the reason we can not be happy. That ease that we have to turn everything around usually turns against us, since we are unable to control the stream of thoughts that our mind generates. One more obstacle on our path to happiness as too many thoughts obscure all that positive we may be living at that time.


How to stop thinking


So it is necessary to learn to control our mind and for it is necessary to stop thinking. But it is evident that we can not stop thinking and put our mind blank; If you’ve ever tried, you’ll know it’s impossible. But what we can do is eliminate the “noise” produced by so many disordered thoughts. Quickly discard empty thoughts to focus our mind on everything that can serve us to be happier.


And it seems that the best way to get our thoughts mastered is through meditation; An exercise that allows us to control everything that happens in mind.

Through meditation techniques, we can learn to focus on a single thought, without paying attention to all those useless ideas that go through our head.


By way of example, when you are climbing a ladder you are thinking a thousand things at once, and all the worries are accumulating in your mind. Meditation proposes that you then remove everything from your mind except the fact that you are climbing the ladder. For that, you have to look at your own movement or the shape of the steps, but focus all your attention on climbing the ladder and disappear everything else.


Effectively, focusing on climbing a ladder is not very useful either to solve your problems or to help you be happy , but if you work this technique, over time you will be able to recognize in your stream of thoughts those you need to achieve your goals, focus In them and obviate those who harm you.

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