How West Bengal Government is Turning Heaven Into Hell

Posted by Rubendra Bagdash
August 12, 2017

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It all started with a “linguistic Imperialism” that was imposed with an intention to dispose mother tongue which got recognisation back in 1961. Forcefull imposition of Bengali language to non Bengali community in schools as a primary subjects shocked all those hearts that was caged in a conspiracy of politics. The language that is precedence as a mother was intend to perish which mean to kill ethnicity, culture and traditions, and whole community which is the beauty of India. West Bengal Government try to poision the roots from where Gorkhas orgined and the word Gorkhaland was borned. People were enduring the conspiracy that caged them where they were being manipulated and controlled and ruled. Even after the independence the tea workers feel that only difference is that they are not bitten to death, theirs salary is just 130 rps
a day who work 8 hours a day and produce world expensive tea.
Nepali language is always treated as second language though it is recognize under 8 Schedule 72 Amendment.
West government directly try to perish to language which didn’t let youth and this workers and the gorkha to stay quiet. To fight against the dreadfull
imposition public came outside in a field to save mother(Language), to save culture, traditions and the whole community & future which seemed
dark under the rule of evil.
The community who is known for the honesty, Bravery and hard-working,  got off form the shell and fathom that till they don’t get separate room(state)
 In a home country (India) they won’t be free from the torture, discrimination and hilterism.
So the age old Demand ie 110 years old
Came forward and paved a way for permanent solution to safeguard the future of offspring and salvation from the cage of West Bengal Government who is in motive to invade and dominate the whole 1.50crore gorkhas community.
Thousands peoples started to gathered to March; to protest to save mother ie
Language relaying the demand of separate state for the Gorkha as a Gorkhaland. Raising question that
In India for Bengali there is Bengal
for Punjabi there is Punjab, for Gujarati there is Gujurat, for oria there is orrisa, for Tamil there is Tamil Nadu, for Bihari there is Bihar etc?
But where is Home (Gorkhaland)
for Gorkha though this community has never betrayed and always sheds rivers of blood from the times of independence to Indo-China to kargil for the country? Even now in Doklam it is the Gorkhas who is standing as being a wall and compelling Chinese back off?
But to suppress an innocents voice of Gorkhas WB gov shoot unarmed citizens on their head. Army force which is used  to protect from the foreign invaders were brought in orders to suppress the voice. An agriculture tools and acrheries was caught from leaders home and termed as an Arm and Ammunition. Internet got banned, media’s is banned and local cable is banned. On 17th of July the person who went to get a medicine from the pharmacy for his sister ain’t returned Home because he was shoot to death by the CRPF on this head which is illegal. And its sad to say his brother is busy serving in an Indian Amry being a bravest warrior of the world. Next day people gathered to raised voice against the injustice and again unarmed three people who were shoot to death. Police proclaim they used rubber bullets but the videos;
and the bullets that was found on the chest and head proved that it was real bullet. All the media’s that is sold with a money thrown by the Gov ain’t flash the news only the republic did speak for the public but in return angry west Bengal Goverment filed a case and banned republic.All the medias are banned
So that Goverment can do monopoly food and grain are being vandalized
in front of West Bengal police but they are sold enslaved of Goverment.
Murder of 11 unarmed citizens is counted, many innocents are injured still no action is taken so far.
58ay’s strike, Internet is banned and its been 56days, Basic fundamental rights of human being is violated.
Some people who are dependable on daily wages are committing suicide, people are starving but Still the Indian Government is quiet.
The demand and the right that is very acceptable and its according to the article 3A constitution of India is being deprived, An innocents unarmed citizens of India are being killed by the Goverment and termed as a terrorist.
If to demand something according to the constitution is terrorism then
what it is to drag 2 years old daughter in Jail? To cut salary of workers?
To vandalised food and grain?
To banned internet for 56days?
To banned local cable channels?
To shoot on the head of unarmed civilians in a broad daylight?
What it is????
Why People of India are still quite?

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