Why to feel sad on seeing someone with a disability when we can be happy and encourage them

Posted by Chhavi Gupta
August 30, 2017

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I saw this video on YouTube recently. My friend has tried his best to show us the world of the special people. The world that they see is a lot different from what we see but one thing is sure, it is a lot more beautiful for them. How they find happiness in the small things and don’t complain much is praiseworthy. I never had imagined that a dance performance could make me smile so much as this one did. 

Everytime I see it I feel like I missed something, like let’s go back and see what I missed. It’s hard to tell the difference when I am at this side of the world. All I feel is pity for them, I feel miserable and unhealthy because, man they lack something. 

Watching this, I realised that it’s the other way round. Their world is positive and healthy. They don’t lack anything but have something much more than what we have. I feel amazed at how good they can be. How good a dancer can be, his expressions, steps and everything is just worth giving a thumbs up to. I don’t know how many people can appreciate, but I can keep applauding without getting my hands off. 

Hope to share it with a broader world to bring smiles to more than a thousand people. 


It will make you smile. I’m sure.

CLICK Here To Watch the Video.

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