I am one of those who wanted to be called Bihari

Posted by Nikhil Anand
August 14, 2017


Am I proud of my mother Tongue – the answer is probably NO. a big NO. Why? Because!!  I don’t have any. Technically I do have one but till the time I got to know about that, I already had formed my own language and an accent in bonus.


I never realized it would become my biggest nightmare.

Let me tell you a fact– I am from Bihar and be for your mind screams out loud- eeee Lagawe Lu Lipstick- you must know, I am not Bhojpuri. Apart from five well-known languages of Bihar, there is one more language which I should speak is Bazzika.  It’s a shame I don’t speak that either.

You must have assumed that this guy supports Mr. Prime Minister Hindi Bachao Movement and only speaks Hindi. You are wrong again. I do support and respect that movement from my core of the heart, even though I feel that is unnecessary, but I am not a proud Hindi speaker as well.

What I speak ?? well!! It is bit complicated but, I will try my best to explain, hopefully, I would succeed. 

 I speak a mixture of different languages which have a deep and primary influence of Hindi including Bengali, Gujarati, Delhi-based-Hindi, Mumbaiya Hindi, Kannada Hindi and some regional language of Bihar.

Sounds impossible, right?? But this is true, as true as our existence and evolution of monkey into human beings. Some of you, must have intrigued or got interested, how it can even happen? 

My nightmare

If you call a Bihari a Bihari, it is assumed that they would get angry. I was or I should say, I am one of those who wanted to be called Bihari.

Three years ago, I landed Delhi for my graduation in mass communication. It was my orientation of college, during introductions to seniors, when I told them, I am from Bihar, and they gave me a shocking reaction as if I have told them I came from Mars. Nobody believed me.

Their excuses were as lame as my lust of being called a Bihari- like – Bro! You don’t look like a Bihari and you don’t have an accent like them, you speak English well ( i don’t know why? but, they admired me for my English speaking skills). 

It couldn’t have been worse, but soon I became a part of Insider Joke, where my friends used to introduce me to other fellows and let them guess, where could I been belonged from, and after their false guesses like- Jaat( Haryana) Panjabi ( Delhi) and so on… but never close to Bihar, my friends used to shock them by the surprising answer Bihar.

 These incidents struck my memories of school time facing similar issues. For a short period of time, I was suffering identification disorder. I am not sure anything like this even exists but I was suffering from that and took me a while to overcome it.


How it all happened and why I am not proud??

I belong from a gigantic joint family. Like almost every family of Bihar, my family member used to live in different cities like I mentioned earlier.

There were lots of kids.  During every vacation or as per comforts we used to meet. Now there is a thing called show off or flaunting your uniqueness. When we were kids, even we belonged from the same family we used to flaunt our linguistic diversity among others. I never got a chance to go out of Bihar but I got to hear different language. More people, more language, and unconsciously my Brain started syncing them together to form a new and a different language.


 And this is why I don’t have any mother tongue.  And why?? Should I be proud of any language when it can lead a war?


Language is a medium of communication; it should not become a barrier.


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