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Ignoring environmental needs in India of the earth will create havoc

Posted by Naveen Kumar Payasi
August 12, 2017

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Why in India we are surrounded by extremities of environmental affairs? Why is that at the same time when one part of the country like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are facing mayhem of droughts the other parts like Assam and Gujarat are facing ecosystem destroying floods. And this seems to be perennial affairs ocurring years after years and authorities seems to be sleeping.

In the disguise of of India being the fastest growing economy by questionable statistics . The questioning of government policies of managing disasters is being suppressed.

States like Assam looses thousands of crores rupees on monetary terms along with hundreds of lives and ravaged forest reserves every years . Further what aggravates the situation is the fact that there is no sound policy within the government’s ambit except for the knee jerk reaction.

Also the most saddening part of this picture is that very low coverage of these urgent issues by well known media houses.

While endless numbers of hours are wasted by media houses on community polarising debates but these issues rarely gets attention except for sabre rattling on the ocassion.

Distressing havoc all over the country should be a wake up call for the authorities and citizens and some long term vision should be evolved to tackle them.

A nation can only evolve to good on sound policy basis based on long term strategy not on short term unviable plans 

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