In Gorakhpur, 71 Murders for 68 lakh,BRD contract killer Hospital, Ethics says resign Yogi

Posted by Amrit Yaduvanshi
August 15, 2017

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In Gorakhpur, Tragedy continues in last six days 60-71 children died in Baba Raghav Das Medical College (BRD).Yogi Adityanath Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh visited the hospital.He said that anyone found guilty negligence would not be spared. Chief Minister stated that they are waiting for the report of the probe committee set up by the government.He said that if any death found caused by the negligence of the hospital authorities then his government would take strict action.These are just a few words which were said by Yogi Adityanath chief minister of Uttar Pradesh because lesions are fresh.The people of Uttar Pradesh who are suffering from this pain only they know the exact meaning of suffering.It is is very easy for any government to play politics over corpses.The reason is it is not going to affect you anymore.May be you will get a chance to form a government again after five years or may be not but what about those victims.My few points I would like to ask you if you will get it suitable please think and ask from Yogi Adityanath too…Will he ever get eyes from those suffering people? Will this unfortunate victim people ever be able to trust the promises of a government? Will these people ever understand that the lives of ordinary people are worthy or not? Will Adityanath get punishment for these people? The most important question is should not Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP resign by ethics? Yogi Adityanath should speak, How can a Chief Minister run his government with the burden of so many dead bodies? Political leaders and their drop of shame evaporated authorities and their drop of shame also evaporated.Please stop making fool of people in the name of Temple, you are the head you know everything yes, Mukhyamantri ji you know everything because you came from the roots you know the reality of hospitals you know the truth of hospitals.If you want to gain the believe make committee which will submit the report between a week and start the process your action should speak now.Action should be taken against people and their punishment is within 1 to 2 weeks.



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