independence day, 2017

Posted by Muhammed Shaffi
August 16, 2017

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another day to remember
the struggle with which

the nation gained freedom


from long years of oppression

another day

to uphold

the true values

of our constitution

this day,

reminds us

to be more vigilant

than ever before

when our freedom

itself is at stake

i am not worried

about that shakha pramukh

who announced reward

of five lakhs

for killing a chief minister

i am neither worried

about hundreds of karsevaks who

brought down the masjid

i am not worried

about even modi

who demeaned

even an outgoing vice president

a great indian

and devalued the position

by reducing his stature,

to being just a muslim

just a muslim


i am worried

i am worried

about the elite

about the educated

about the rich

those among the elite,

who think that modi

is all about development

when gujarat

which he and his party

has been ruling

for close to two decades

has very poor development indices

compared to even much poorest states

i am worried

about those elites

whose blood boils

when a state cabinet

gets an additional muslim minister

proportionate to his party’s representatives

but says that yogi,

a fundamentalist

filled with hatred towards muslims,

not even an elected mla till date

but an mp

who gave support to his followers

who preached to rape even dug out muslim corpse

is the best chief minister that uttar pradesh can get,

when in his own constituency

which he and his guru

were representing in parliament

for last two or three decades,

yes you heard it rights

cores of children died last week

because they did not get oxygen

which cows exhale as per the new found knowledge

but which according to him is due to lack of cleanliness

i am worried

about those bankers

and business men

who turn deaf dump and blind

to the biggest corruptions

like the vyapam scam in madhya pradesh

when victims and witnesses are killed in day light;

or the note ban

when rbi is not even able to tell us

how much currency returned

even after an year of counting

in a digital india, don’t forget

with the ‘half-finance, half-defense’ minister

himself clueless why

different sizes of notes

of the same denomination exist

i am worried

about those physicians and surgeons

who say modi

is all for social justice and health

when the national child development scheme

hiv prevention

tb control

and various departments in health ministry

saw sharp decline

in fund allocation

while cow dung and urine research

gets the priority

i am worried

about those engineers

and scientists

who say

that modi will bring in scientific advancements

when he believes

and does not shy even

telling to the world that

even a global reality like climate change

is simply a myth

when he takes pride

when he says plastic surgery

existed in ancient india

i am worried

about those elites

who think petrol and lpg price hike

is a blessing for the masses

when globally crude oil price is at low end

those elite indians,

among them are doctors, engineers,

business men, scientists,

teachers and bankers,

i would call them the biggest traitors of the nation
i would consider them

the fascists

they are the real threat

not those, not-so-educated

not those poor

rss followers

that you and me find

in the villages and towns
this day

i wish for them

the strength to gain independence

independence from

narrow mindset

independence from

minds filled with hatred


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