Independence for our Daughters

Posted by Khushi
August 5, 2017

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As we all know that Indipendence Day is coming near. As it is approaching nearer we start hearing patriotic songs, slogans, dialogues everywhere and mostly on the social platforms. No i am not here to write an article on Independence Day. I am here to ask you that even after so many years of independence do we girls have really got our freedom to take decisions of our own life in a hippocratic indian society. Since childhood we have been taught to listen to our parents and follow their decisions blindly without uttering a word. We are not even allowed to speak a word against those decisions that have no sense in our life and if we do so we are discouraged by being called ” a non-sanakari ” girl insluting thier parents. No i dont mean that all their decisions are wrong but some may be a bad decision that affects our whole life. In this modern era still we are forced to do what our parents demand either willingly or unwilling. Our constitution consider that all girls of 18+ age are eligible to take their own decisions but our parents are still in their own world that we arr still small and stupid to take any decision. Our parents want us to be successful but cant accept our failure. This is the biggest problem that we girls deal the most. We are warned right from the schooldays that if you fail in your exams, you won’t be allowed to go for higher education and will get married off as fast as possible.Because they think that their daughters are the carrier of their pride and honour. Few days back i had an argument with my parents on the topic of marriage and one dialogue that i still remember and will always do is what my mother said. She said” ek ladki ki zindagi pr shadi se pahle uske ma baap ka haq hota h aur shadi ke bad uske sasural walo ka”. I know you must be thinking that today also people with such stupid thought exist but its the harsh reality in most of the girl’s life specially in a conservative family like mine. We are taught each and everyday to behave like what our society expect us to and anyone who tries to go against there so called unseen unwritten rules are called by various names like arrogant, characterless, an insult to their parents, a bad upbringing, etc. I just want to request all the parents that for gods shake plse stop giving value to “log kya kaheg”.  Just try to understand your daughter’s view on the decisions that you make for her, have discussion on varoius topics and lastly support her even if whole the society turns against her decision. She can do wonders with your just emotinally support and accpet her failure and sucess both. If you really want to celebrate this independence day please give some freedom to your daughters and have trust on their decisions. She may fall one or many times but you always will be her role model for the rest of her life.

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