India 70 Years and assertions to paradoxes to anticipatory usefulness of rationality

Posted by Bibhav Kumar
August 7, 2017

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The 70th independence anniversary is approaching, the midnight children are either disappearing or loosing color. The children of Midnight’s children have assertions but paradoxes too unlike the ancestors. The colorization and re-colorization of history, culture and lifestyles is quite apparent. And it’s not vicious. It is determinant and finite. Leave society apart, as it evolved from no rice and no wheat to no data and no courtesy, Philosophies too have evolved, coined, emerged and failed.

It all started with non-violent midnight bloodshed of millennium. Later the globalization ruled the state and leaders of partition lead the nation with their name, in their name. They were neither the cultural leaders nor the populists, still they ruled the people and made place in history and textbooks. Few were forgotten or their competitors deliberately did this. Down the line after 70 years all top 3 constitutional post will be held by non-congress politicals. This is a political colorization. Over the last decade Ambedkar enjoyed a good reputation and found political relevance and followers. Patel – A hard core Congressi found better position in non-congress rallies and speeches, when nehruvian-socialism or in broad, Indian socialism limited itself to nepotistic socialism. This Political dynasty system is the real threat to democracy. This is also underlined by diminished Left or marked by migration of leftover Left, from upper house to libraries, in the shelves of commune literature. It has restored itself from where it all started.

70 years down the line you may want to follow the legacy or celebrate it and you should. Paradoxes have arrived and leaders has been changed or colorized, and if it’s is good or bad? I don’t know. As far as I can assert that changes are inevitable and imperative. And I believe rationality will prevail aftermath paradoxes, as paradoxes did after assertions. Half a century down the line or may be a decade or may be a couple of.

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