INDIA @ 70

Posted by Rajat Mishra
August 13, 2017

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 “At the stroke of todays midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom” Said Jawahar lal Nehru, the first PM of India on 15th August 1947 after Country got freedom from british Rule. Now on 15th August 2017 India and Indian are going to celebrate 71st Independence day with Sense of Pride and achievement. There is No doubt that India have gone through several changes over the years from Political Arena to Social life. There are numerous achievements to relish and admire. But my heart goes out to those families in Gorakhpur who lost their children due to negligence of Adminstration. When India is celebrating its Technological advancement and achievement more then 65 innocent lives in Eastern Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district lost their lives due to administrative glitch, it is despicable if oxygen shortage caused the death of Childrens also it is pathetic on the part of Government that it is unable to contain Japanese Encephalitis that took 25000 lives from 1978 till now. This Tragedy Before 71st Independence day highlights grim and gruesome realities of Crippled Health sector in India. It is important to Mention here that India rank 154th out of 195 Countries ranked By lancet medical Journal. India has failed to achieve Healthcare goals, badly lagging Behind China, Sri lanka, Bangladesh in terms of accessibility and quality. The Situation of Government healthcare facilities can be gauged from the fact that Our country is 6th biggest out of Pocket Health Spender. Now on 71st Independence Day its relevant for us to Ponder wheather  its worth to celebrate our achievements in real sense when  we failed to provide basic amenities to deprived section of Society. 

I was delighted last year when Bezwada wilson won Ramon Magsaysay award for crusading against manual scavenging I wondered at that time that this international recognition of Bezwada will be a wake up call for Government fell in deep slumber towards Scavengers Concerns. But all expectations were in vain as everyday newspapers carry news of scavenger died while cleaning sewerholes due to lack of safety equipments. “We live in Dirt and We die in Dirt” Said Ram prakash who cleans Sewerhole in south Delhi, he told that “we dont have any Safety equipments from the side of Government, we wrote to Delhi MCD but no equipments are ever provided to us”.In last two years 2500 scavengers died while cleaning the dirt in sewers as quoted by Member of Parliament. So this 71st Independence also push this subject to centre stage that has been ignored from very long time and now time ripe to take required action in this direction.

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