INDIA: How much rotting of air, water, food, land and things over the generations…

Posted by Shakti Saran
August 2, 2017

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Full Title of Article: INDIA: How much rotting of air, water, food, land and things over the generations according to elders?


Have you heard fom people of earlier generations that how was the air, water, food and land quality in India during their times? Few hours ago, I shared the below video after going to 24×7 shop and tagged my 1st cousin in it. Just when I reached home from the shop, my cousin’s father called my father who’re brothers! He asked about a hotel for a bhandara coming up. Their Satsang is large and growing in India and around our world. The children of the head of Satsang live in the US and their children are born in the US.

Do you wonder where the top Indians travel to pray around our world also to give high quality air, water, food and land to their children and families in general? There are beautiful places of worship around our world.

Some doctor had thought that the people in US are Christian and so there wouldn’t be temples there. Then I had shared with him that I had been to a temple there. It was so clean including around the temple and there were no street dogs and it had big space inside and outside.

Do you also wonder where and how are the top Indian students and professionals going? See LinkedIn featured it in India and India Students categories and thanks to LinkedIn for the same and for this wonderful platform.

I had shared the following video post just after the shop and before coming home:

======Video post start

Do you check sugar content when you buy packaged food? I went to 24×7 to buy ZICO coconut water and Lindt Dark Chocolate and neither were there.

Do you wonder what the children in your family eat for years?

I sat in car sad due to not getting nice coconut water and chocolate for which I had gone to the shop and then I saw a person with a nice international breed pet dog on leash and several street dogs behind. Do you wonder the filth they create?

I wish people have human like places. I wish us best.

Video post end======

The cover image of the article is a wonderful car. I had Google’d “windows spotlight images” to share an image. This one shows nature, man and machine well together.

How’re the roads and air around you? What do they do to your vehicles?


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