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August 16, 2017

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It is been quite a while, that we are listening to our country people saying that, “India is a developing country”. Isn’t it something you are listening since you were born, or as far as you remember and also you might have thought about, why a country which is having a very gratifying potential has not been developed yet.

Well, there are more than one grounds for a country to be called as:



I know you brag about the word “UNDERDEVELOPED NATION”. But according to the set standards, the terms Developing and Underdeveloped with respect to a country are not two different things, they are considered similar to each other. Either a country is developed, or it’s not.
So, in a Broad Terminology we may say that, India is an underdeveloped country which is trying to develop over past few decades, but apparently is nowhere near to it.
I do agree, it is a bit harsh to say that India is nowhere near to be called as developed country as the work has been going on in almost all the directions to achieve the tag, but there is always a development tactic which is full of flaws. We have not seen much of the work around us which was/is flawless.
Here are some rationales for the country being underdeveloped till now:

Following areas are very well covered with respect to India and are required for any country to be designated as a Developed country:
Armed Forces.
Land for Industrial purpose.
Literacy. (though it is another controversial statement)
But there also lies some of the very important factors which India is lacking, and are highly required for being Developed. Some of them are:
High Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita.
Tertiary and Quaternary sectors of industry.
High Human Development Index.
No Corruption at Government Level.

And the countries not fitting in above categories are termed as either Developing Countries or Underdeveloped Countries.
However, there are more than one reasons, which would never allow India to DEVELOP till they resides. Some of them are:

Corruption in the country: One of the major issues with the country is huge amount of corruption at all levels one may practically think about. Our corruption index have back pedalled for many years and even now, there are no signs of improvement. Each year getting from bad to worse and I don’t think, any Indian would disagree with me over this.
Judiciary: Judiciary in our country is full of flaws, lack of confidence can be seen intelligibly and a lot of decisions are made to be based on political expediency rather than on the rule of law.
Constantly growing Gap between Rich and Poor: Hitting a GDP of around 7% to 9%, the rate is quite OK to be with, but still there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor country men, and is growing constantly at a very fast rate, the riches are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer.
Environmental degradation: A point where citizens needs to act, Air pollution schemes are there but does anyone care? Air pollution, water pollution, garbage pollution and wildlife natural habitat pollution are all becoming even more frustrating challenges than the corruption in India. From 1995 to 2010, India has made a very quick progress in the department of controlling pollution and other related issues, but still miles to go.
Controversial Media Tactics: Media is considered as the greatest power to reach the homes, minds and heart of people easily and quickly, but apparently, Indian media is not up to the mark yet, we can see a lot of fake news or inappropriate news or highly improvised or compromised news just for the sake of TRP.
Unstable Neighbourhood: I do not need to say about the steps that terrorist camps residing in Pakistan are taking against India, nor we could deny another helping hand of Pakistan now a days i.e., China, as travelling into the border of another country up to 40Km is not a joke.
Literacy and Population Growth: Despite of several awareness programs (in India, awareness programs end up feeding more to corruption only) the growth rate of population has not improved as it should be, and literacy rate on the other hand is another major issue. Government now a days issue fake surveys quoting that, “Literacy rate in XYZ state is 80% or 90%”. Well, it is hardly 40% to 50% in any state. And to those surveys I say, COME AGAIN. And we have to agree that, 80% of illiterates never take part in such surveys.


There are not only those major causes which are disrupting the growth but also very small but noticeable citizen acts like:

Throwing garbage in open.
Polluting rivers on the name of God.
Polluting the roads.
Spitting the tobacco products after use here and there. (for holy sake, Tobacco products meant for chewing purpose are slowly getting banned and are left unbanned in just countries like, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Well, all are underdeveloped you see).
Wasting water resources because you are not paying for them.
Thievery!: Water, Electricity, Coal, etc. by citizens is not only unhealthy or awful, it is also a crime, but merely anyone is afraid due to leniency.
And the LIST GOES on….
The fight for being a Developed nation goes on….
We see the development, we see advancement, but each advancement is coming to us with a very narrow precision and that’s the issue.

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Vishal Gaur

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