India Is Not yet independent heres why..

Posted by Fable Ao
August 15, 2017

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Hear no , see no , speak no evil

What did Indian independence mean during those days ?
Independence meant for the British to leave our mother land so that us Indians would get our country back to our hands ,would flourish, have peace ,harmony ,happiness within ourselves and be contend but the fact is that , the moment Britishers left India,
Indians became prisoners of their own country .There was more suffering in India than it ever experienced , the moment of Independence was actually a turning point in the history of India because it marked a new era of brutality that Indians would create for themselves in the generations to come.
They say India is a land of diversity where there is unity in diversity , but the fact is that India is united in diversity of crimes.
So many patriots sacrificed their lives for the Indian freedom movement and finally delivered to us a free India but the authentic India died the day we got the independence.
What is this independence when so many evil still prevails in our country today ?
It is a fact that the Britishers have a hand in the segregation of India Pakistan , the economy crises , exportation of valuable resources from india , a lot of blood shed but what about the other evils that still prevails in the Indian society that we Indians face in our day to day lives.
Is the British responsible for the hinderance in girl child education ,female infanticide , domestic violence
, child prostitution, dowry system , every day cases of rape and murder and the mother of all evil “caste system ” ? All this and many more evil still prevails in a country like India.
Even now as I write this there are thousands of our beloved brothers and sisters being a victim to the evils of the Indian society.
In a country like India where so many goddesses are worshiped , the moment a baby girl is discovered to be growing inside her mothers womb she is murdered as if she’s a curse ;female infanticide is still rampant in parts of India where doctors instead of discouraging this plays an equal part in the crime, little do they realise that to produce a baby boy is solely upon which chromosome the father produces , Little girls at the age of playing with kitchen set and dolls and at the time of going to school are confined to work at home or abducted /sold for child labor and by the time they hit the essence of woman ie puberty they are forced and sold away for prostitution , educating girls is considered wastage of money and of no use but little do they realise educating a little girl will shape a whole generation , education to women is the greatest blessing for a country but not just this but being a woman itself is a crime in a society like India where no matter what she does , there will always be fingers pointing at her , a raped women is still accused because she turned on a man ? In india , it is perfectly okay for a man to beat up his woman because who is she ? She is no more a human being and a man should be so tough that the only way he can prove his “gentleman”power is by bruising a woman and his sons will grow up to be just like him , his daughters will accept that it is okay to be beaten up by a man and so this goes on for generations . In some parts of India you will still see some amazing intellectual human beings with really high expectations from a woman /her family during marriage ,if she doesn’t give him what he wants than she isn’t fit for him , basically this is the Indian day to day life version of “the bachelor show ” where he picks a woman according to her dowry offerings.
In her failure or in her success she is always an epitome of disgrace in our so called India , rapes happen in India because of women ?child labor happens in India because of women ?dowry system takes place in India because of women ?or may be they can blame women for terrorism in India (irrational blames on women)women themselves instead of loving their daughters or granddaughters expect sons and grandsons and are disappointed to not have one.
This is India.
Little boys are taught they shouldn’t cry because crying is meant for girls and that’s why they become monsters as they grow up .
Little boys instead of deciding for themselves what they want to do in life are forced into studies not of their choice.
A man not being able to make babies is considered to be a nobody .
Degree is considered to be so important that they forget to look at the qualities of a man.
In a society like India , loving someone is also decided by the society , if you love a person from other caste or religion than that’s a sin , they will be disowned by his own family for just loving a man / woman.
In india , instead of focusing in their own lives , aunties and uncles have time to talk about other families flaws , they have time to spark rumours about other people , youths have time to be little someone else of their own age who has not achieved as much as them . Don’t be surprised to see your own parents talking about peoples life , pinpointing other families, discriminating caste ,
don’t be surprised if you see your own siblings raping a woman , murdering a human being , abducting children , selling their own children , killing girl child , molesting his own wife or children . Stop sleeping , wake up and look into such evil practises.
Act wherever you can and make sure you don’t become one of the accused.

India is still not independent according to what I see , it still has so much evil and I won’t be happy when the police starts acting on such crimes,I’ll be happy only when such crimes don’t happen anymore , it will stop happening only if the people start understanding the value of a women , value of being parents , value of respecting people’s choices , stop judging others only because they sin differently than them.
So for me , I want to wish every one to be independent from the thoughts / mentality instilled in him by the society and start to have a mind of his own.

Gosh !
Happy Independence Day ?



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