INDIA: The significance of touch!

Posted by Shakti Saran
August 3, 2017

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The significance of touch! Today a massage therapist who’s well trained and does good massage shared that she’s looking for another spa where she can earn a better salary. I asked her how much and she said 10K INR. It was deeply touching to hear the salary at which she was willing to work so well. She’s from North East India and she came across as someone with a good nature and focus on work.

She didn’t even require a tip for her good massage therapy. I didn’t have cash and I had asked her if she takes Paytm since her massage was so good including at my pain areas where I’m getting physiotherapy done since some months. She didn’t take Paytm and she said that it’s fine if I don’t tip her.

If you go to spa then you might have experienced that there are therapists who’re more focused on getting tip and which I can understand and that’s even fine since it’s like a server at a restaurant or a delivery person of a restaurant who earn including through tips by doing their work well like serving well at table or delivering properly on time. I’m nobody to judge as long as they don’t try to fool, cheat, hurt or steal.

Before going to the above spa which has “touch” in its name, I had gone to another spa and which is a web design and online marketing client. I’ve created the Spas and Salons India site. I haven’t added their detail yet on my site.

When the therapist who was available had come for my therapy then I had seen that she was recovering from some skin condition. I told her to immediately get it checked to recover well. She asked me what to do. I told her to visit a highly reputed hospital nearby. She didn’t know how to go about it. I Google’d its number and first spoke myself and then she spoke and got an appointment with a senior doctor.

Some days ago, I had shared with her to go to that highly reputed hospital and also to go to a nearby Ayurved clinic and Homeopathy clinic. She hadn’t done that yet. So today I got her to take the appointment and also told her more clearly about the addresses of Ayurved and Homeopathy clinics. The homeopathy clinic is actually a physiotherapy clinic which is my web design client and whose website I’m making now. A senior Homeopathy doctor sits there few times a week. I didn’t take therapy there and then went to the other spa which has “touch” in its name.

After returning from spa, I was climbing stairs back to my apartment and a cook shook hands as she was climing down. Few months ago, I had shared with her about our PM’s Jan Aushadhi Kendra initiative and a shop nearby which also sells Ayurved products and also has an Ayurved doctor. I’ve also got an informative flyer posted on the notice board. She had met with an accident and was having medicines. I had thought perhaps this shop would help her now or even later and also the several people who she might know and she can share about the shop with them also. I look forward to growing my Health and Fitness India site with more and more valuable information and things to use.

Also it was amazing that for the first time that I can remember that I had touched my car’s front right side with the left side behind of another car. The traffic was such that the car in front had slowed as I was turning. The people in the car came out to see. I apologized and the people said it’s fine and left. It was a very light touch but still a touch. As the car left and I turned, I saw the car had a flag of our PM’s party.

Moreover, I just had food (paneer ki sabzi) delivered since we’re having prayers at home with people visiting. Mom had cooked at home, however, she wanted me to order some food from outside also since she couldn’t cook so much food. In fact, a neighbor ordered it who knows a good place and I paid at the door and left a very small amount with the delivery person. Neither of us had change or else I would’ve left 10 INR more. I order food very rarely and I generally tip food delivery people 10 INR or more. Moreover, the neighbor’s laptop arrived today at my place from Amazon since she was at work. I look forward to her working with me part/full-time as it works out.

I saw the order amount to be 448 INR and I’ve shared 44 several times related to clients and one of them is related to my first cousin who’s coming to prayers with his parents. Before going to the spa, I had sent him an invoice. After sending him an invoice, I had written this article: How amazing is LinkedIn! Google, Four Seasons Hotel, Amazon and more for people in India and around our world.

It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


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