INDIA: Tiny and dangerous: Pollutant PM1 aplenty in central Delhi air, says SAFAR study

Posted by Shakti Saran
August 2, 2017

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Small, fat or dark? Recently some comedian in India having several millions of views on a Facebook video joked about not being like due to being small, fat or dark. If you can find his video then please share in the comments. I had watched only a bit of a seemingly long video which was a live performance in front of a lot of people.

Do you wonder where the top Indians produce, grow and enjoy including with their children and family in general to give them the best of air, water, food and land?

Just now I read the following news:

The PM 1 particle is 70 times finer than the thickness of a human hair, goes directly into the bloodstream and is potentially more dangerous than the more well known PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants.

And no one knows how much of it is in the air we breathe.

“PM1 is a major product of vehicular combustion. Roads in and around the Lodhi Road area like other parts of Lutyens’ Delhi see a huge flow of vehicles. This might be the reason behind the prevalence of this finer particulate matter. It also depends on where the station is located, the dispersion capacity, meteorological factors, among others,” Dr Dipankar Saha, additional director and head of the Air Laboratory at the CPCB told Hindustan Times.


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It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


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