Indian Youth Forum- Guiding youth to bring the change that You want to see!

Posted by Ananya Shukla
August 19, 2017

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“Almost everything that has been done great, is done by the youth.”
– Benjamin Disraeli

It’s been ages since we have been giving emphasis on how the world relies upon the youths. But are we actually doing anything to mould, guide and motivate the future generation? Yes. Indian youth forum has taken up this responsibility and is contributing for the cause since 2009. It’s a nonprofit organisation that ensures the contribution of youth in nation building process.
Indian youth forum creates a platform for the youth where they can voice their opinions and provides them with the opportunities where they can play significant roles in the sustainable development of the individuals as well as society. We strongly believe that as we continue to work in our ways, there is great value to be gained by the exchange of experiences, information and ideas. This network is therefore our own tool to through which we can become more familiar with realities of society and express freely our expectations, hopes and concerns through discussing the personal experiences and addressing the problems around us through poems, articles, performances etc.

Indian youth forum has organised various events all over India which included Asian youth summit, Tibet China summit, National youth conference and many more which have brought the alike minds of the country together to contribute the best of them.

“The walk of kindness” or Diwar-e-Meherbani is a project initiated by Indian youth forum which works on the basic idea of helping the ones in need of clothes during the extremes of climate. This wall of kindness is being built in different parts of the country and has been appreciated by all.

Indian youth forum not only contributes in the process of nation building but more importantly it brings up the youth of the country and make them realise their abilities. It gives them a platform to bring the change that they want to see in their society.

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