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Posted by Vishal Rajput
August 31, 2017

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When we came across the question of the importance of Religion, we get to know that ideally and morally religion helps in uniting the world and promoting the good deed to reach the ultimate goal of their life. One of the good deeds, which i believe that all existing religions advocate, is Humanity.

If we take into account the major religions viz Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Jainism, neither of any one promotes its follower to follow the path of individualism and violence but to help the people in their welfare, have compassion towards all and try to save the humanity in the world.

With evident from the facts of the Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P. Hamlington, there have been violence and warfare for the sake of many reasons and one of them is religious domination over other, right from the beginning of formation of City-state in Athens. We could also interchangeably see it that civilizations are using more or less as religions in one way.

Followers of these religions tried and have been trying the expansionist policy till today to make their religions more dominant over the other. By assimilating all these stuff,it tell it like it is that religion is hard wired in the human psyche. The call for violence in the name of religion is easy to accomplish the goal.

India’s Telltale :

If we look into the history of erstwhile India (including Pakistan), people from all the faiths were living all together in the fight against Britishers. However when independence came to them, the power antagonism started. One faction i.e Indian National Congress tries to build the nation on the secularist lines but cynically doesn’t want to compromise the high position to be placed by other minority groups. On the other hand, the other facet had sheer firm and were hard nosed to get the power for its largest minority in the country and its main protagonist was Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his party Muslim League.

The latter one is important because many a times his party and himself made several propaganda to divide the population on the religious line so that it would be easy to be persuasive for them. As i have mentioned above that the religion is hard wired for the people but there, it become hot wired. Those propaganda erupted into clashes between the two religions.

Muslims of all classes flocked to the League. Artisans, workers, professionals, businessmen – all rallied to the call of  ‘Islam in Danger’, fearing the prospect, in a united India, of a ‘Brahmin Bania Raj’. The call for Pakistan was first made formally by the Muslim League in March 1940 and it was Vox Populi among the League. Jinnah called vociferously for the Action Day and disseminated to dream of their own land to all the Muslims. The man who was used to known for ‘Hindu- Muslim Unity’, now became the key person behind ‘Divide and Rule Theory’.

One of the recorded facts here is, the League election poster in Punjab, offered some meaningful pair of contrasts: din (the faith) versus dunya  (the world); zamir (conscience) versus jagir (property); haqq-koshi (righteousness) versus sufedposhi (office). In each case, the first item stood for Pakistan, the second for Hindustan.

What earlier hindu-muslim neighbors were called for the symbol of unity, now turned explicitly to symbol of harsh rivalries. Even Gandhi made the last-ditch effort to save the unity by asking Jinnah to head the first government of free India. But this offer didn’t have the backing of Congress, and Jinnah did not accept in any case.

India already had been facing appeasement not only of a Hindu majority upon the Muslim minority, as it skeptical to Muslim League, but also of  the Hindu upper caste on the lower caste of which Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was fighting; Jaipal Singh, an adivasi, who became the captain of Indian team that won the gold medal in the 1928 Olympic Games, was  fighting for the rights of his tribal people appealed in the Constituent Assembly to reserve some seats in government jobs and legislature for tribals, when the constitution was in the process of framing.

A Food For Thought:

Now a question arises that why do a Muslim stand in the solidarity of ‘only’ Muslim appeasement ?

If those other reformers were also suspected of the appeasement in the near future, than they would have also demanded of the separate nation, however they realized that their development can only happen by living in their home country but not by unnecessarily demanding the other nation. Gleefully with the due process of time they got what they wanted to achieve.

With the great rationality and marvelous orating skills, if Jinnah would haven’t appealed in the parochial way of only ‘Muslim’ community but with the wider sphere of the appeasement of all those who have suffered irrespective of any religion, than he would be cynosure and had greater respect in the eyes of all. If we recall the development in the last 70 years of India and Pakistan, both the countries have lost more money and potential by making their military more powerful against each other. If we figure out the average population, than majority of the Muslims decided to reside in India rather than going to the newly created land for Muslims. With the grace of god they are living more peaceful and harmony in India.

International Perspective:

Meanwhile in Middle East, Jews from the European countries started shifted slowly to the land of Palestine and right from there 1948 Arab-Israel War started. Since 1948, Israel has been involved in many military conflicts like 1956 Suez Canal crisis1967 Six day War, 1973 Yom Kippur war, 1982 Lebanon war, 2006 Lebanon war, and the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. in all those wars, Arab nations are fighting in the cause of appeasement of Jewish people over Muslim Community.

The major alarming cause of their fight against Israel is ‘Islam is in Danger’. The whole international community knows the wrong deeds and attempt of Israel against the Palestinians. Nevertheless, whenever we see the conflicts, we see this through the prism of religious and sectarian clashes.

Now the question again arises that why do ‘only’ Muslims stand in the solidarity of Muslim appeasement ?

Palestine Liberation Organization and all the Arab nations shouldn’t urge to other countries and United Nations as the appeasement of one religious community over other, rather the crime against the humanity. lots of people have been displaced by the Jewish settlement in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel have been doing all efforts for lobbying the Jewish diaspora all over the world to fund the settlement of Jews and helping to dominate all the part of Jerusalem wherever the Palestinians claim their territory.

With all these events happening for a long time, no nation is going to condemn the Israel. As the nationals born on the soil of India, we should support the Palestinians and condemn the Israel for its crime against humanity. India is the country which never gave the free hand on perpetrator against the humanity and injustice and never turned the Nelson’s eye to any inhumane treatment against anyone. It was the first country in the UN which supported the claim of Palestine, it also gave safe passage to His Holiness Dalai Lama and all the Tibetans in India when People’s Republic of China attacked Tibet, even helped Sri Lanka in fight against the ferocious terrorist organization LTTE even at the cost of life of its prime minister, and too it is helping the Afghanistan, the war zone area, to establish democracy and providing maximum education and health visa to their nationals and albeit in the Korean Crisis, India played a major role in diffusing the tension between two and sent the humanitarian aid to both the countries for the people suffered in the war. I concluded it with the submission of a poem by Martin Niemöller, a German who survived from Holocaust in Nazi Germany:

                  First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
                  Because I was not a Socialist.

                  Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
                  Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

                  Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
                  Because I was not a Jew.

                 Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.



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