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internship experience @ muktesh maheshwari and Vandana bhansali associates jodhpur : HC

Posted by akshay bohra
August 13, 2017

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hello interns and especially law interns :p. so when comes to the point of internship it really shakes my head several times. Its hard to decide and choose real worthy work just by sitting here in collage and searching on google baba. internship obviously takes a very significant role in students life and much larger if one who wants to step ahead in corporate sectors. Then lets flashback to my recent July intern. I am student of Nlu assam as per our course curriculum we got 2 moths break as intern+vacations. I found this internship after a lot of struggle and also rejections (this makes me to understand that CV plays a really big game in your internship applications) but finally i switch my mind and decided to work in courts instead of office or NGO. Thus, i have applied to an association “Mukteshwar maheshwari and Vandana bhansali” in jodhpur. First day experience:- we went to the office to meet Vandana maa’m as soon as we settled up in jodhpur. we had a conversation regarding office work, field of interest and about our past working experience. Also visited her office and had a formal talks as lawyers do. 😀 the working day is consisting a sort of tired timing as we have to wake up early and work like a 9 to 6 corporate cog. we used to read files of the present day case in office which consist facts, issues, rebuttals, trail proceedings, affidavit, notice etc. (p.s. got all these terminologies during intern time) Working culture:- At the court we count the unknown points, terms, proceedings and try to ask ma’m or sir. we were totally 9 intern under this office during this time from different collages. interns were divided into different groups and court rooms. we used to discuss point & visit family, consumer,metro court and ask other associates about case and procedures. On Saturday we had discussion over certain legal topic which consist home work, reading, research work etc. All the colleges were good and helpful. What to learn? This internship was worth-full. I learn reading files court proceedings, mannerism and preparation of files. internship is not just a single aspect learning it improves your skills as well as gives you chance to connect with your future mates, lawyers, students from various law universities and also a chance to chill and roam around the city. I also got chance to get live glimps of asharam bapu and salman khan(only raj HC gives this opportunity smrik :p) jodhpur HC is a good place judges are very intellectual internship experience is also excellent. During this time a lot of internee used to join courts thus, in gives us a time rolling shot also.

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