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Is election the only motive of student assistance cell in delhi university ?

August 5, 2017

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The admission process for merit based undergraduate courses has almost finished  in Delhi university .And the seniors are working hard to make the freshers feel comfortable .But this work has certainly raise the possibility of two questions among the freshers .  

One among them is that ;Is the help rendered by the seniors is only a part of their culture but with this question there arises the  second one when freshers see the seniors wearing the identity cards  of some political party.This gives a way to the second approach of a question that asks :Is the help given would ensure its return in some other forms .Isn’t it ?

 A 19 year old boy from Motilal  Nehru college  says the admission assistance by the union makes sure of you to be a part of them or help them .This step by step measures reaches the level to the zenith of asking support or to be a part after the classes begins in the college .

But when asked with the same set of questions  to Gautam , a boy from bihar  answers that there is nothing wrong in supporting the candidate or the party since they have helped him right from the very first day of the college .The student union says that we just assist the students such that they do not face any problem during the entire admission procedure.But what do the identity cards  symbolizes ?And this question is important since they are also the students of the same university .Student activism is far more an unrelating concept when we assimilate the same .

Is this form of welcome does not appears to satisfy the selfish gains .It also opens a possibility which may create an environment  of hostility in the campus . Campus must always be open to ideas and people of  different  ideology  on an issue unless the political bifurcation leads  to any major incident .

Student activism aims to raise question on any mishappening  in the society or for a voice against the illegal threat to the student community .But it should never be assumed as  a ladder for the mainstream politics.

To provide help in order to ensure comfortability  in admission is always welcoming and it certainly keeps away the   students  from unnecessary and unpredictable problems .It also helps the students to know the campus well in the very first instance and the also about the days  they are going to spend here .But assistance in response to political support is always unfair .Isn’t it ? 

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