Iskon Greater Noida Temple Burglary : Police clueless, Janmashtami without Lord.

Posted by Annu Pandey
August 1, 2017

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Janmashtami Celebration without Lord’s Deities!

Yup, you heard me!  It’s been more than 17 days since the unforgettable event of the theft of temple deities of Iskon Greater Noida.

It was an unfortunate night of 14th July 2017, when somewhere around midnight someone broke into the temple and stole the deities of Gaur-Nitai(Krishna-Balaram) along with the donation Box

These deities are of Gaur(Joint incarnation of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna) and Nitai(Incarnation of Sri Balaram). They have been lovingly named as “Gaur-Natraj and Dayal-Nitai” by Senior Vaishnavas (Devotees of Lord Vishnu). Lord’s beautiful forms were brought in this temple from Vrindavan in year 2010 by a senior devotee couple (HG Svarupanand Das and HG Purnanadi Radha Devi Dasi). They served these deities for around 3-4 years, doing their best in devotional service and treating them like their own children in “Vatsalya Bhaav”(a feeling of parent-child relationship between god and devotee). During that phase the temple activities were being carried out at their house. Later on as the number of devotees increased the temple was moved to a bigger rented house where the incident took place.

So, it was the morning of 15th July 2017 when one of the temple resident woke up at around 3 am and went downstairs to the temple hall, and got the shock of his life when discovered that the temple deities missing from the altar. Also, he found out that the main door was opened and the middle window was tempered. And then very shortly, this news of theft was spread like the jungle fire. The temple was flooded with devotees, policemen, local residents and other authority figures in a short while.

17 days have passed since the incident of theft but the police is still clueless and reportedly working on it. The devotees have been doing “Calling Keertan” every evening 6pm to 9pm. The daily life has come to a halt because of the pain of separation for their beloved Lord. Devotees are crying in front of lord for their mercy and forgiveness as they believe that Lord has left them unpleased due to lack of dedication in services. Devotees have also done keetran outdoors, even at area police station and peacefully requested the police department to look into the matter and get it resolved as soon as possible. Temple in-charge is also doing a regular follow-up but there seems to be no concrete outcome of any effort at all.

ISKON is a well renounced organization having over 600 temples all over the world and for the first time in the history of ISKON temple deities have been stolen. It’s very shameful for the state and its judicial system. In a state where God himself is not safe, then what to say of the safety of normal human beings.

Since the incident happened, devotees are putting all the efforts in every way to bring the deities back. Some can be seen almost fasting and crying whole day in the pain of separation. So much attachment can be achieved only when one is really fully surrendered and connected with the almighty. There is so much love and bonding with lord Krishna that life has stopped for these believers. And when I say devotees, it includes men and women who have full time job and also kids.

Here is a request from them to the police and the public both, that if they please try to understand the pain and the loss that devotees are undergoing due to the theft of deities and help find them as soon as possible and bring back the bliss in the lives of Prabhupaad warriors.

Hare krishna!






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