This Video Of A Child Being Slapped While Studying Shows The Pressure Indian Kids Face

Posted by Divya Sharma in Society, Video
August 20, 2017

I woke up this morning with a few people sending me this video in different groups on WhatsApp. Thinking of it to be yet another funny video of some little kid, I played it. Ten seconds after starting the video my heart cringed. I could no longer hear the kid cry. What broke me, even more, was that when the little girl read the numbers right, she was pressurised to say them again and again and in the pressure and fear of being beaten up, she forgot what she was reading and messed it up. It wasn’t humorous for me and it shouldn’t be for you either.

So the question here is, what is going wrong with her? Let me tell you everything!

Being a girl who is 21 years old, I have no idea of what parenting really is, neither have I had any experience of making kids do their homework or teach them. However, what I clearly know is that the warmth a parent or a guardian gives, moulds the future of their kids.

With adulthood, I realised how important it was for me when my father raised me with so much support and affection, how my mom’s patience towards my weaknesses made me so much stronger and confident, how my grades didn’t define my intelligence and my family didn’t make me compete with others and how comparison was a strict no.

Is it the woman to be blamed? Or is it the society that expects every kid to be perfect? It’s hard for me to pinpoint one single person or group, but it’s important for me to let every parent/guardian know that every time you raise your hand on your kid, they are losing their confidence and belief in kindness.

Every time you raise your voice on your kid you are making them just like you. The kid that probably bullies the other is the one being bullied inside the four walls of the house. Bullies aren’t born, they are made. I hope this little girl here, is strong enough to understand that what was done to her was wrong. I hope she still believes in kindness and affection and I hope the source of this video is revealed soon.