#JetSetVote : Things That Matter

Posted by Abdul Rahman
August 13, 2017

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My Picks On How To Make The Young Minds To Vote, Let’s Jump In;

• It’s Easy To Get The Youth Running. You Build An App. I Mean Literally I Don’t Understand Why There’s No App For Voting Till Date. It’s Convenient. You Create An Account With Your Aadhar Card, Login And Cast Your Vote. We Literally Consume A Lot Of Smart Devices, It’s Not Even A Dream Anymore. 

• The App Should Have Profiles Of Each Political Party With The Policies They Hold, Problems They Are Willing To Solve, Leaders Under Them, A Little Of Their Background And Other Adequate Information. This Ensures The Right Vote To The Right One. 

• Every College And Other Institutions Should Be Asked To Take A Day Off And Introduce The App To Their Students Well Before The Voting Day. This Ensures Awareness. Moreover, On The Same Day, Workshops And Discussions Should Take Place. The Voting Day Should Be An Off Day. 

• Lastly, We Could Have Some Crunchy Competitions. The EC Could Ask The Youth To Create Documentaries On Things Like Importance Of Voting And So Forth. They Should Publish Their Entries On Social Medias. The Best Entries Get Amazing Prizes. Posters And Other Interesting Competitions Should Be On The List Too. This Will Ensure A Social Media Movement And More Involvement Of The Youth. The Whole Voting Thing, It Should Go Trending!

• Something To Add, The Ones Who Vote, Should Be Given Some Little Things Like Discount Coupons Or Free Travel Pass. Since Getting Internet Is So Cheap These Days, Why Not A Gig Of Data For Everyone Who Castes Vote? Jio Could Help.

• With That I Don’t Mean To Change The Whole Voting Procedure. The System Should Be Altered For Better And Good Policies Should Stay. That’s All I’m Looking Forward To.  

Nevertheless, Let’s Shoulder The Responsibility And Together Build The Best Nation. I Conclude. 


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