Jharkhand Girl’s Dream to Reach Oslo for the Homeless Soccer Cup

Posted by BitGiving
August 1, 2017

Rupanti Munda is a talented football player from Jharkhand who has made India proud by getting selected in the Indian team going to Oslo for participating in Homeless Soccer World Cup-2017. Rupanti is an Aahan Fellow who has braved enormous challenges in life. After the death of her father and brother the responsibility of 7 members of her family fell on her young shoulders.

She had quit playing football and started to work as farm labourer to make both ends meet until she was spotted by Dr. Rashmi Tiwari who rekindled in her the spirit to play football. Rupanti now captains Aahan Braveheart’ Football team in Jharkhand which is composed of all the tribal girls who are either victims of gender based violence (GBV) or are under its immense threat.

She has now been selected as one of the few players from India who are eligible to go to Oslo for participating in the Homeless Soccer World Cup. Her travelling to Oslo will not only be a victory for her, but will also be an inspiration for so many other girls.

The girls are battling constant societal pressure of getting married or go to metros for working as maids. Rupanti’s story will be of immense help in helping these girls convince their family members and the society members to avoid any forms of GBV on them. The exposure she will get at Oslo will help all the girls receive golden nuggets to improve their football skills and win at major levels. Rupanti’s visit will allow other supporters to take notice that these girls do not even have a proper pair of shoes. They play barefoot, practice empty stomach for 6 hours with worn out footballs.

With your support, these girls will be able to win at major levels and become financially independent. A little encouragement from your side is all she needs to go and conquer the world. The biggest challenge we face is convincing the society to let these girls play and not being trafficked. Give Rupanti a chance to change things for herself, and inspire many others around her.

Contribute to her crowdfunding campaign: https://www.bitgiving.com/AahanFellowRupanti