Lack of Transparency in Software Outsourcing Industry and how Prolanceer solves it

Posted by Sayesha Nayar
August 4, 2017

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Anyone who has ever approached a software development company or a design studio with a project will agree to the fact that most of them operate like a black box. As a customer, one need not know about what goes behind the scenes, but a basic clarity regarding the value for money of the services subscribed to is essential. Of course, no business will share the input costs with its customers but a certain feeling of satisfaction arises when the quality of work is proportional to the price.

What are software outsourcing firms hiding?

The underlying reason for this opaqueness is that many agencies employ under-qualified talent that costs them less money. However, these companies quote exorbitant rates to the customers. This also translates into missed deadlines, substandard products, numerous bugs, skipped testing phases and eventual loss to the consumer.

Are the software developers aware?

The situation is also not very pleasant for the employees who are overclocked and underpaid. People in software development industry, especially the ones who work for multinational corporations, often complain about a stressful work environment. This results from tasks beyond the technical grasp of the employee as well as the sheer quantum of work burdened on each employee. S/he is neither able to deliver quality output nor is the endless list of tasks ever reduced.

It is a classic example of how aggrandization of profit takes place at the cost of human resource exploitation at one end and unreliable customer experience at the other. If industry reports are to be believed then such foolhardy practices lead to either delay or failure in 70% of all outsourced software projects.

Prolanceer to the rescue

This situation inspired Narek Gevorgyan and Udit Gangwani to offer – Prolanceer – a platform that brings integrity and transparency to the process of developing software applications. These two visionaries started the company in 2016 and currently employ over 20 people and feature 300 vetted software professionals. As this is a web-based product, communication between customer and developer is encouraged thus providing complete insights to the client on quality, cost, and efficiency of the professionals developing their software. Moreover, the developers are paid according to local salaried rates of their own cities in close adherence to labor laws of the respective countries. This ensures pay-parity and a satisfied class of developers, designers, project managers and other software professionals who benefit from the grand opportunity to work independently and remotely with startups and enterprises from around the world, and earn a competitive salary.

Prolanceer is one startup that promises to make head turns in the near future and dramatically alter the dynamics of software outsourcing industry.

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