Let’s move forward Towards lead indian youth to the Elections

Posted by Kush Mehta
August 14, 2017

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Yes ! we are living in india, where more than half of population is belongs to youth. Still Indian youth is not so intrested to the elections and the major reasons they found is, it’s boring, seriously it’s boring when it comes to making a new election card, to finally give vote and till that they need to take care of card, date & place of election and mainly who is that perfect politician to whom they can give vote, hah a big task and at the same time useless and boring too. The basic reason i always found from the most of them is, they feel that what can my one vote do in this corrupted world of politics.

This are some of the major reasons that’s why our Indian youngsters are not getting positive wibes of voting. Now it’s high time to get solution for this biggest problem of Indian elections.

Let’s start with the first problem registration, it’s really easy to make a new election card or to make changes in existing election cards than past. But youngsters wants even more convenient ways as they register in any sites. So election commission has to manage a new online portal for registration and changes in election cards, so that people can directly share the details on that site and get registered easily.

Second problem is indian youth is not aware about elections and to influence more youth, election commission can make Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni and Akshay Kumar, the brand ambassadors of election. They can easily influence large number of youth to the election.

Thired problem is at the time of actual election people get frustrated while be there in line, so what election commission can do is organise some events in lines like mannequin challange, talent show case, some food and beverages to them, so more than election it feels like some fun activity for youngsters.

The next idea is mainly focus on making youth aware and even get them vote. For that election commission can run a campaign on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram that from last 20 days of election this campaign runs, people get regular updates through social media, mails and text messages and even they can make plan with their friends and family about going to vote and regular updates about date, place & time etc information. After that run another campaign of selfie contest, where they upload selfie after voting, which increase the chances that they vote maybe just to show off. Girls also joins the campaign and come to vote. This campaigns can definitely work like anything to attract youth.

This is how election commission can do something to make our Indian youth to come and join the biggest event of country, which is none other than election. Hoping for the best in the election of 2019 and commission can make it by using some this ways.


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