Let’s talk and move towards a better path.

Posted by Aakash Sharma
August 2, 2017

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Well it all started when I was sitting alone and thinking where my life is going, I just recently graduated with a back log pending so technically I’m not even a graduate right now while I am hunting for jobs and my parents be like you won’t be getting something good soon as you don’t have good grades and yes I agree they are right somewhere but what about the skills I have?? Oh! Wait I just forgot to mention I am from India where a person gets a job on basis of the grades but not on the skill set we possess. Let’s not talk about this right, most of us regret the course we are doing or the life we are living right now and this somewhere makes us feel like low and sad but there’s a way to deal with it and that’s the reason I started writing this.

So you must all be like why this?? What I am trying to say or speak us? I know there are many questions in your mind and all will be answered very soon but the main reason of this is to support myself and to support you guys as well by kicking out the odd bad powers like anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, frustration and many more just by talking and sharing thoughts.

Sharing thoughts have always been something very fruitful thing be it companies who brainstorm the new concepts and strategies for marketing or be it the scientists or a normal person. Thoughts are something like DNA everyone has it but its unique to every person. And sharing negative thoughts would make you feel good as the pain you were handling alone is now being shared and simple physics law says larger the area less the pressure on the surface *so somewhere I can utilize those physics laws. It’s just like achievement unlocked for me*.


Now let’s come up to main point, this platform will help you as well as me to connect to each other, share our issues, talk about things or just chit chat while trying to solve up the issues or bringing up solutions to problems. While the problems would be discussed personally and if you wish we can put it up over here while keeping the identity hidden.

Feel free to connect, talk, share as everyone has right to stay happy and smile. Let’s fight back depression and make a world happy place.


And yes I am sorry for the type of English I am using, it may sound too lame and lite but guess what English is what everyone  just loves to read in and work in. So kindly pardon me for the mistakes done up there and I guess I should work on the language skills as well as over my writing capabilities to make you guys feel better but wait this not impress you people, so I would try to continue in the lame way only.
Hope to get support as well as issues and problems.


Wish you a happy day and thanks for the read.


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