Lucknowite? You will not want to miss out this Youth Festival in december

Posted by Ananya Shukla
August 12, 2017

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” Change is the only constant in life.”

And Lucknow is all set to receive that change by Lucknowites who dared to change the world. Lucknow Youth Festival is going to bring around 25+ well renowned artists and speakers  who have changed their worlds and are now ready to change yours. It’s an event organised by Indian Youth Forum; a non profit organisation that focuses the involvement of youth in all the fields of the country.

Besides giving you a chance to meet like-minded youngsters, this conclave also gives you ideas, pep-talk, motivation and the possible roadmap you need to move towards a better future. This is a great opportunity for the youth to interact  and discuss topics like technology, politics, travel and music.

By bringing together influential people from the above-mentioned areas, the idea is for you to get to interact with the people in their respective fields and make your voice heard where it matters. After all like they say, every big change starts from within.
Lucknow youth Festival 2017 is a unique concept of letting people share the stories which may not have changed the world but changed (their) world.

We believe that stories are to be cherished and ideas deserve an ‘open’ platform to flourish. We invite people to share the casual stories of your day to day life which matter to you .

Often you will find celebrated figures taking the lead at the talk shows. But the stories of the ordinary citizens like you and I are left unheard. This is the platform for you to come and talk about the things that matter the most to you!

The event features vibrant performers who will tempt you to join in as they showcase their talents. Lucknow is proud to have a rich cultural heritage.Come and embark into the journey of our unique history that will leave you amazed.

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