Making of youth to join vie of freedom.

Posted by Shahid Imran
August 22, 2017

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One misunderstanding takes our movement of freedom into dark that is all we are sitting at homes, taking hands in a pockets like a dead body in a grave. We think if no one is taking part into vie of freedom than why we take part?
And we are thinking that all the blood of our martyrs have been wasted, there comes no result. I just want to tell them that it takes time to get freedom we have to wait and wait and wait and hope that everybody’s energy will go down. We didn’t think that what others are thinking about our movement we have to stand against Indian annexed occupation in Kashmir and their atrocities in valley. Don’t take modi’s dialogues like “Kashmir ka masla  jagadnay SE hal nahi hoga agar hal hoga tow galay laganay SE hoga” seriously, it is all lol drama. Don’t go towards modi’s propaganda, India speaks of myths and they have narrow or exclusionary visions. I know that some people amoung us are against to our movement because India uses terror and fear to get obedience of people in occupied valley. I didn’t want you to pick up stones but I want you to stand up against Indian brutalities and annexed occupation by supporting different intellectuals and taking part in vie of freedom by different means.
I just leave you with that we must think about mourning mothers, Martyrs, those persons whom are still missing.We are in the beginning of the battle between those who know how to hate and those who know how to think. I am sorry but They are gonna have to listen about Kashmir, they are gonna have to listen about mass murders in locked valley.

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