Making public transport safer for women

Posted by Anmol Anand
August 19, 2017

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Dear readers, this is my personal stand for safety of women in #publictransport. I hope after reading this, you’ll too do the same and help in reducing the harassment cases against women in our public transport systems.

Here it goes,

When I’m traveling in buses and metros, I keep my eyes open all the time. If some guy/s tries to touch or continuously stare at a women/girl, I first become a visual hindrance (by physically standing between them) and then start staring him/them back. It has always worked. The guy/s gets the taste of his/their own medicine. Plus, I feel, till the time men don’t realise and stand up against such nuisance, the attitude of perverts won’t change. It’s hight time that we stand up for #womensafety so that they can commute safely, anywhere and anytime using public transport

I hope that the male readers will pick up this habit. It can really bring a change if done at a large scale.


Though, the girls need to be trained (physically and mentally) to defend themselves but till the time we achieve this ideal situation, we (as concious co-commuters) must stand up against harassment as most of the time, the girl/s ignore (due to lack of training and confidence, I feel) which eventually boosts the confidence of such perverts.

By Anmol Anand (25 year old Delhite and a public transport commuter)

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