Marriage- The Ultimate Agenda

Posted by Aakansha Juneja
August 24, 2017

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What do you think India and its culture is famous for? For their big fat weddings right?! The big fat weddings are something very trendy in India and people around the world have this craze to witness Indian weddings and experience the way weddings are celebrated in this country.

From the very beginning when a girl is born her first agenda in life is to grow and get married. Baby girl born and the Indian parents start thinking of “YE KAREGE APNI BETI KI SHADI ME and WO KAREGE”. Priority of a girl is always decided what she wants to do until a particular age what parents decide is perfect for the wedding in India. As soon as she turns 23, there starts the process of finding a groom for their daughter. Her career, lifestyle, studies all last till the age parents think is not the age for getting married. Indian daughters are taught and bought up learning what they have to do after marriage and how they will handle a family which she is not even aware of. In case she wants to peruse further studies will depend upon her husband and her husband’s family if they want to allow her or not but her priorities have to be changed according to the new family she is going into.

It is actually been taught to Indian daughters they should have to behave in particular behavioral pattern what an Indian society and after marriage family will expect from her. Though Indian weddings look too glamorous and happy ending there is always a background story of every happy or sad ending. Modernisation coming into the picture in Indian society have not changed some thoughts of parents in regards to marriage and still, they are backward and orthodox when it comes to marriage. They give you liberty to do what thier daughters like do whatever they want to but at a particular age number decided by your parents you need to get married and that is the dead line like we are dieing tomorrow.


I mean really? Why the thought of not getting married or just staying in a live in relationship is not been appreciated or why priority of a girl is been decided till a particular age? Why does she need to learn cooking because she has to get married or have babies? Why her thought of not having children is not be appreciated or may be adopting children is not acknowledge. Why her thoughts of learning or peruse something is not been liked by Indian society when she crosses a particular age number which is decided by the society or her parents. Why she always end up arguing that she is not ready to get married? Why can the younger siblings can not get into the institution of marriage before the elder one get into? Does elder one need to compromise on their thoughts of getting into the process of marriage because the younger one needs to get into the same process?

Though Indian society has transformed a lot and looks modern to the world there are still a lot of flaws pending in the head of people growing up in Indian society. It’s about the self-happiness and not how a girl can impress someone else’s family compromising on her dreams and career. I feel enough of giving dead lines to daughters and preparing them mentally from the beginning of their childhood and of teaching them with giving an agenda of getting married when their parents think they should get. Now let girls decide what they want to do with their life. Do they want to get married and peruse their career or they want to explore the world and find a lady within themselves and live their life like they want to? No one should judge them for not getting married because agenda of everyone life is quite different. Every girl at age of 24 cannot think of getting married and have kids right. In fact, no one has right to give permission to do what the girls want, it’s their right to do want they want. Trapping them in emotional bondage just because what society will say and the question of what she is not getting married is not the strong reason to even to argue or tell them to get in the institution of marriage. It’s one own wish and one should get in process until and unless they feel like and it is valid for boys and girls both.

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