Meet the ‘not so famous’ dancing diva from silchar, assam, pompa Choudhury

Posted by Bindita Sinhä
August 25, 2017

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 And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

 Friedrich Nietzsche

 Passion, for some people it’s just a phrase, for some it’s the valor while for some it’s all about the dreams. To be ingenious and creative means to be in love with existence. People can be creative only if they love their life as much as necessary that they wish for enhancing its magnificence. Dance is the secreted lingo of the essence; it is like the life strength and get-up-and-go, it is a stepping up which is decoded from beginning to the end of splendor. Dance is the language of the way body speaks. When you put across yourself through the body movements it is considered as Dance.

You should never ever listen when someone says ‘You Weren’t born to do that’ and this quote has been purely symbolizing by the impending dancing queen from a very small place of Assam, Silchar.  She is a celebrated dancer, choreographer, art designer and a gratis spirit who is leading her own way to pull off her dreams. Recently she got selected for India’s Big Superstar. She is Pompa Choudhury, popularly known as Krishnakoli Pompa in the midst of people.

“I was in class 3 or 4 when I used to dance at our colony’s different programs as a non-dancer. When I

            Dance for soul

was preparing myself for a program then an aunt told me that I do not have a just right dance body and she chucked me away from the program. A week afterwards, my dance teacher Moumita Biswas came to our close by settlement and I took admission in her dance school,” Pompa Choudhury says. She was born for no more than just dance.

She says, “For the period of my struggling age, my relatives were used to disregard me, they bullied me and harassed my mother. They disrupted my mother and father but my sister Gayatri Choudhury, my brother Surajit Choudhury, bhaiya Bishnujyoti Choudhury, Subhajeet Dutta, Sonu Dev and Soma Biswas have shored up me a lot all through my journey. But my leading support is Maumita Biswas.”

Her way to achieve her ambitions was by no means trouble-free. Being a middle class family girl, gradually her father could not manage to pay for her fees of her dancing classes. But her sister Maumita Biswas has been all the time supporting her and helping her so that she can dance. In 2009, this fanatical lady got selected for ‘Naach Challenge’. Then she got selected for Dance India Dance as a faculty in 2011. Everything was going well but all of a sudden in 2012 she lost her mother and she was broken down. But slowly, she understood that she had nothing to do in that issue and started her life once again. She took the responsibility of her family as she is the senior child. She has devoted her life for the well being of the society and its people throughout the dance. In 2014, she joined St. Capitanio and started to teach dance to 40 disadvantaged kids exclusive of a single penny.

                       Pompa Choudhury

Pompa Choudhury has dedicated the 17 years of her life to dance only. To her, Dance is like her essence. Being a small town girl, it’s very difficult to get the deserving revelation, people are hypercritical and everything has become the barriers of her journey. She says, one day she will build a house where the poor and deprived people can live along with her. Now she is a choreographer and an artist in Rhythm School of Performing Arts, Silchar and St. Capitanio School. Our society is always judgmental, till now, people think that only the field of doctors, engineering or banking are the secure and safe career preference for us. Passion and dream complete the significance of Life. All that is important is the one moment in movements of our life and we should make that moment essential. Life isn’t about coming up for the blizzard to get ahead of; it’s all about learning to dance in the precipitation.

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