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Mental Independence!!

Posted by Fatma Naqvi
August 15, 2017

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I recently read someone saying,”I seldom feel Independent.”
And this made me think that indeed, it is true.

70 years back we did gain Independence,but that was just the physical aspect of it that we achieved.
Mentally,we are still not free.Probably even worse than what we were 70 years ago.

Each year we are getting degraded. I’m not saying that I’m 100 percent mentally free because I am not!!
No matter how much money a country makes or how developed it gets scientifically,until and unless it’s people are bound mentally,the nation cannot be successful.

We talk about politicians hoarding our money and using it for their personal uses and not using it for the civilians. But, do We ever see what’s wrong with us??

For once,think about what we do!!
Do We as Indians respect and follow whatever few rules that are already there?

Do We as policemen and inspectors respect the oath taken and follow it?

Do We as doctors respect human life and give our best for saving someone?

Do We as teachers impart totally true facts to youngsters?

Do We as students learn everything taught to us and lead our life accordingly?

Do We as normal civilians help others as we expect them to help us?

The answer is NO!!
We don’t!!

Very few of us play our roles with utmost perfection or behave half as we should.
Then hoe can we even imagine to blame others for their faults!

Let us,first improve ourselves and become perfect in what we do and then play the blame game.

But believe me when I say that,once we all do what we have to, perfectly there won’t be any need for blaming anyone.

Happy Independence Day to all of Us!!

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