Mistake of a child which belong to slum area

Posted by Alok Gupta
August 10, 2017

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Often we hear about the problems like uneducation,killing,murder and other type of social diseases  ..i think  they are related  to slum areas where  everybody is struggling   with some kind of problem..it is not necessary  to describe problem..but there is situation which they  think that this is their fate..why??

The difference between life of people a well educated man and a man lives in chall or in slum area..the mentally of people related slum area..they also want to growth …also want a better life ..also need respect..infect they deserve love, affection, …

The basic thing of life food , shelter, cloth, when a man is not eligible  for these then it is responsibility of our system,  society that they should to do something in this field..it is a moral duty of society  and system that for a effective growth of nation or society they should think about those people who can’t do or who are helpless

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