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Modi on Nehru’s Path

Posted by Abhay Raj
August 9, 2017

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By – Abhay Raj

The Nehruvian de facto ideology that was cropped up by the First Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru, is now being revived by the present Prime Minister of India ever since his descendents gave it a miss to follow the Nehruvian model after his death. His ideology was liberal and idealistic type of fabianist socialism.

The very political career and fortunes of both the leaders seems to be same that have been mentioned below :

Nehru took over the office in the times of trouble, when Indian got its freedom and there was a violence outraging in the country.

Similarly the Indian Prime Minister took over the office at the times when Indian economy was in doldrums, policy paralysis and PMO had almost lost its value in the eyes of the citizens.

The fact that PM Modi is one step way far from the Nehru’s ideology cannot be left unconsidered.

Both run the country by themselves. It was Nehru back then who barred Sardar Patel and there are not many names of Cabinet Ministers a common man knows and now Modi is running the country.

Paving on Nehru’s path PM Modi too has and is conducting foreign affairs through his personal contacts and building contacts in international circuits.

Similarly Nehru had also become a putative figure among international circuits by the time he became PM.

Modi has shrugged off the image that the world had on him to connect with leaders across the world.




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