My 10th anniversary with the Social Sector:)

Posted by GiftAbled
August 7, 2017

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I cherish and celebrate a decade old bond with Social sector, which started with iVolunteer leading to my association with manyyy NGOs and today helping me to be a so called “Social Entrepreneur”:) All of this with support from family, friends, volunteers, colleagues, beneficiaries and every lovely person I met during my journey:) Thank you people:) Looks like today, the universe is sending me some healthy energy and lot of positive vibes, that will help me be more grounded…

I have been thinking for past 2 days on how will I celebrate my proud feeling of spending most memorable years of my life in this sector… I got caught up with many many, sooo many mixed feelings in these 2 days. Initially I decided to just go and volunteer for some organisation I have volunteered for in past, but later, I felt that it would be injustice to 20-30 NGOs I have been closely associated with:) I know most of my days are special but what’s so different about today, can I just go and finish my to do’s at GiftAbled and feel good??? Inner voice said NO Please, How can you??? 🙂 As the clock was moving closer to 15th, my mix feeling were in total confusion stage:) As soon as the watch clicked 12 am and 15th June started, I made up my mind that even if it is a small act for a short time, I need to get out of GiftAbled mode today and do something else for someone else, yet, that doesn’t restrict to my list of 20-30 NGOs:) I hit the bed at around 1.00-ish and suddenly got up with an idea, may be or may be not a hatke one, but it brought a super smile on my face:) I just woke up, on’d my laptop again to pen down this thought and infact ended up ”

Now the idea that hit me took me to a part of my blog/journey where I had done couple of events with CMCA.. This is the organisation through which I learnt some civic issues, also how to not only respect daily helpers but also Thank them and recognise them… Can never forget this event we organised at iVolunteer where tears rolled in eyes of Pourakarmikas/street sweepers for having spoken to them, played some fun games with them and recognised them for their good work… One of them said people hardly say hi to us or smile at us or even bother to look at us, but you gave us break of 20 mins and spoke to us:) Also was remembering traffic police who said people always crib about us but never see how we slog sacrificing on our family time most of time.

Now coming back to my plan, while what I have planned for tomorrow/today infact is just 3-5 mins act but somehow have a gut feeling that it’s gonna create a super movement with support from many of you in coming days. Let me cut the curiosity here and explain:) Few months back I was throwing my garbage bags in the garbage auto, I gave a pair of Prateek’s old shoes to the garbage picker guy and said use them. they good though old (whose name I would get to know tomorrow, apologies for not having asked him till now, wondering how and why) Since then whenever I saw a Pourakarmika my mind and heart always revolved around smiling at them and respecting them and being thankful beyond words, and yes, my eyes always rolled down at their feet and left me thinking?: How can they work in garbage, the smell of which is unbearable for even a minute to us. This is a stage, where today many of us are segregating the waste… Yesterday while I went to throw garbage, the garbage guy who hardly communicates with anybody, came to me and requested, “Madam, nanage ondu halee shoes idre kodtira please?” (Madam, can you please give me a pair of old shoes, if you have any”) and I committed saying will check and surely give. Now each time I am on road and crossing any pourakarmika/road sweeper/garbage pickers, I say to myself yes, these are the people who need shoes the most… People reading my blog and have reached till this line, sincerely answer to yourself; “Many of us if we open our shoe rack we would find atleast one pair of shoes, that is lying in for don’t know how many months, that would lie there for, again don’t know how many months… Isn’t it???:) So why not give it to someone who needs it the most! Who ensures our city is clean, who is main reason for Bangalore being clean and green… Yes! I found my volunteering for today which if it goes viral will impact many lives:) Had appealed to couple of volunteers on Monday, to donate old shoes in good condition and got few positive responses too… Infact got a pair from Ravi this night. YES! this pair would go to the garbage guy (name to be disclosed tomorrow:)) But how about running a quick movement to show our gratitude towards them, and reaching out to many many more 🙂 I am not saying come and give me the shoes, but I would be grateful if you could quickly check your shoe rack and do this little act of “Thanking a Pourakarmika with a smile and a pair of shoe” I will think my journey in this sector and my network was really worth it! 🙂 If you are shy to do so, I would be happy to do it on your behalf:) Feel free to post your comment, your act of kindness and their reactions 🙂 I commit to happily lead this movement of change and encourage many many more to join me:)
More later:)

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