“My Bhasha, My Bol Defines My Existence,” Says a Bol Reader

Posted by The Quint in Quint: Bol
August 5, 2017

No matter how well you’re doing in life, you should never forget your journey. After all, it is the journey that got you this far. Do you know why we call it “mother tongue”? It gets the name because it is the language we grow up speaking.

Speaking to a stranger in your mother tongue fills you with a sense of belonging. When you’re travelling out of the country, you feel at home the minute you hear a stranger utter a few words in your language.

Languages carry with them the culture and features of the region they come from. It is very important to preserve your mother tongue. Because your bhasha plays a big role in the way you think about, and react to, different situations.

Why do some people enjoy Santa-Banta and Rajinikanth jokes more than others? It is because they relate to the joke more than you do.

The beauty of India is that it is a land where a thousand languages co-exist. You realise what makes our country so great when you travel from one region to another and see how boli changes and evolves depending on the region.

The mother tongue defines our existence! This is why I love my bhasha. It is the reason I am who I am today.

(This article was sent to The Quint by Shubham Kumar for The Quint’s Independence Day campaign, BOL – Love your Bhasha. Shubham lives in Patna and he has completed his BTech this year from EN branch. Would you like to contribute to our Independence Day campaign to celebrate the mother tongue? Here’s your chance! This Independence Day, khul ke bol with BOL – Love your Bhasha. Sing, write, perform, spew poetry – whatever you like – in your mother tongue. Send us your BOL at bol@thequint.com or WhatsApp it to 9910181818.)

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