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My comment on a Harvard article about inequality

Posted by Shakti Saran
August 2, 2017

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My comment on a Harvard article about inequality:

It seems that people as they increasingly give up on the belief that they can do much greater than their current situation might increasingly want others to not do greatly better than them and might rather increasingly pull those down than try to rise up with them. How the developed and fast growing economies slow down and deteriorate seems also due to such people increasing in those economies. Moreover, such people aren’t necessarily “poor”.

“Wealth” distributes including around our world and the “global” organizations can get it from elsewhere and keep growing. It’s funny in a sad way the things one can hear from the average wealthy and the quite poor.

Human potential is seemingly infinite. If people believe that they can keep growing their wealth without having to give it to the state for other’s welfare (except to the very few people who’re humanly justified) then the economies will flourish and man will much better maximize our universe. Otherwise, one might wonder if man would even survive few more millennia. Enjoy the luxuries of a top institution understanding inequality! It’s a great place!

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