My Internship story

Posted by Somya Saraswat
August 31, 2017

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Hey! Welcome back writing… how r u? Yeah.. I can understand how difficult or strange it is to start the thing back, which is being left for many days… but don’t worry, I’ll make it simple… today I am going to tell my experience during internship… 9th may it be… I was in the red because my mother always advise to wear red before starting any new work. When I enter into my office, the moment I kept my right leg first in that place, it seems so positive… and it was the best part of that office. When we talk about the word “Positive” another ‘P’ comes in our mind which is “Peace”. Yes, it is important to get the positivity in our surrounding which gives the huge peace and makes every difficult thing simple in our way of life. My arriving time was 10:00 am but I was at 9:00 am, too early… but it is my habit to do the things early, before the time. I was with my father, we both sit together, waiting for the colleagues and especially my TL (Team Leader).

It was Value 360, the PR agency in Delhi, where I was for the internship. The classy red brick wall and wooden floors were making the place adorable. As the time passes the colleagues of the agency start coming, the moment all girls and boys enter, me and my father were stunned for a while. They all were looking extraordinary, the appearance of the girls and guys were awesome. Suddenly, a very cute girl comes to me and ask “Are you Somya?” I replied yes. She took me to the upstairs and showed the place where me and my team sits. The place was remarkable.

My team mate Anchal (the cute girl) took me to the place where the day starts. Another team mate was Neha. At first day she teaches me, how to track news from the newspaper. Before that, she explains me the difference between the Mainline and financial newspapers. After that I went upstairs and meet my TLNandita happily, shake hands and meet my other colleagues. Initially, Nandita told me the whole structure and everything about value 360, the CEO, HR everything. No work I got at first day, that’s why after sometimes I feel so boring, never mind… my day starts with tracking the newspaper whether any news coverage is there in any newspaper or not and then I started working for my team whatever they give me, I do it in my way, it  was my routine.

My internship was for two months, but I started feeling that Alas! It’s for two months, because I was not feeling good there. Many interns were there, some were from Delhi, Jaipur, and Udaipur etc. I only feel better while the lunch time because that was the only time where we all interns get together and talks freely. Apart from this I feel very boring because I didn’t talk much with my team mates. My TL Nandita always says to me “Somya if you are in PR, you need to speak” and I just listen to her and shook my head while listening her and turn round and started smiling because I know how much talkative I am and she was thinking I am so calm and quiet. She (TL) doesn’t know that I am a girl who doesn’t get friendly too early,. I always feel good with my friends (interns) only.

As the day passes I got to know that my TL is very aggressive during working, but apart from this she was very funny and cute. There was another team mate Bhavna she was the lady of excellence, soft spoken humble and a nice tutor. She and Anchal di was the one to whom I was totally connected. There were seven members in our team Nandita the TL, Anchal di, Bhavna mam, Neha mam, Ashima mam and a guy Ajeetsir. I worked with all of them, but I was connected with two of them only. They were the one who explains the work very well. I used to write articles, pitch notes, listicals and many more and also was considered a hardworking and sincere girl.

At the end of my internship my TL said “Somya! Aaj to bol do” because I was considered as calm girl but at the end I have removed their misunderstanding. I gave 15 min speech about the place and each everything about the seven team members. All the good and bad things which I feel about the teammate and of course the TL I speak freely and they also enjoyed too much. Initially they thought that I was prepared for the speech but I said “No, I never speak anything with preparation that’s why I love Anchoring” they started saying good. Suddenly my TL says “Or kuchbtao apne bare mai” I told her that I am a national level dancer and I like sports, writing, singing, etc. Suddenly, Ashima said “saare talented log h humari team mai”. Everybody started laughing and then my TL appreciated my work and also tells the things which I should keep in mind to implement. Before going she gave me the dairy milk oreo silk chocolate and said “humne kabhi bhi kisi intern ko nhi diya but you deserve it”.




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