My Most favorite person is Barani: Satya Devi

Posted by Jessy Preethi
August 29, 2017

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“With each passing day our Tamil people are getting more and more immersed into the Big Boss show” according to, a popular Tamil News website and when everyone has an opinion about what’s going on in this show, we thought it would be nice to know what the relatives of the participants think. We tried to talk to ‘Nadodigal’ fame Bharani’s wife and his sister about this.

“If you ask me, who my most favorite person in the world is, I would say it’s my brother. If you ask my brother this question I think he would tell it’s me. Since my brother is missing me now, he has accepted another girl as his sister there. That’s why my brother told my name the other day, while he tied a chain in Julie’s hand. But I never thought Julie would betray my brother this way”, says Bharani’s sister Sathya Devi, with a lot of affection in her voice.
“Brother Kanja Karuppu and sister Gayatri, they fought my brother directly. There is nothing wrong in that, sometimes people with different characters don’t get along very well. But seeing the girl he called his sister doing this to him makes me feel very disappointed.


I have been married for ten years and my brother looks after me like a mother and like a father. When I was pregnant with my first child, there was no one with me, not even my mother father and other relatives. It was my brother who stayed with me the whole time till I gave birth to my baby. The nurse told me he was a good husband and she has never seen one so committed like him. She said he stayed awake the whole night and was crying. I told her happily it was my brother. He didn’t want to separate me and so I build a house in the town I lived in and settled down there. Now I miss my brother very much”, says Bharanis sister.

“In the first week when Anuya was eliminated she said Bharani is an innocent person. It is hundred present true. But now everyone is using his weakness to target him and seeing this makes me very sad”, says his wife about Bharani lovingly.

“After our marriage, we were never separated for more than ten days. This is the first time it’s happening. In the beginning, when he said he is going to participate in Big Boss, the family members advised him not to do so. But he told me not to worry about anything and also said you wait and see I am the one who is going to with the title. Now while seeing people behaving differently every day, we don’t know whom we should trust. To know that he is being targeted for no reason makes us feel very bad.

His mother and father called me and said ‘nothing bad will happen. He is a good boy and adjusts with everyone and he will surely win the title’ to make me feel good. I have his phone with me and many people call the number and say don’t worry, he’s surely going to win the title, it makes me feel better.

I even asked Kannakol movie director what was the problem between him and Kanja Karuppu brother. He said there was nothing like that and even in the shooting spot they were very nice to each other.

We are eagerly waiting for him to come back. We will be very happy even if he comes back now. If he comes back in the end after winning the title, then we will be even happier. He thinks everyone is similar and often gets fooled by people. After this show ends I think he is going to learn a valuable lesson” she said and ended the conversation.
When we asked her, apart from Bharani who she thinks has the best chance of winning the title, she said ‘Ganesh Venkatraman’ without thinking much.

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