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My time With the unprivileged

Posted by Lulu Thaimei
August 10, 2017

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          As a little girl with curiosity to know what is outside the pond of my region I came here in Delhi to explore as well as to do my graduation from University of Delhi.  The first few weeks were just awesome but as I explore more of the National Capital I see kids and some adults too usually dark coloured and shabbily clothed too and sometimes I see them begging during red lights, I’m still building up courage to talk to them ,well I need courage and confidence cause my hindi is still really bad and I’m finding it hard to understand really well too!(I wanted to talk to them and know what made them to beg, for a human of the same earth as we and made to live with injustice of begging is not really fair)

           Ok, coming back to the main point, our college has  a NSS(National Service Scheme) Society – a society which emphasizes mainly on giving the youth energy out to the society and it’s a really good one. DUites will be familiar with societies like this. So, in my 1st year when I was still a newbie here I joined the society and they gave us this task of teaching the underprivileged kids who goes to some government school and probably slum kids too. So, I met a kid, a girl, in the first day of teaching (Well I tried hard with my ‘snail speed’ hindi speaking skills to communicate well with them!). She was quite smart to be of her age and she could write the alphabet well, but she as a kid deserves to live a better life for I could she see rashes on her skin due to Delhi’s scorching heat and dirt piled up around the junctions of her hands and neck and she was wearing torn clothes. She was without slippers too I guess. I just hoped she gets proper meal, this is just the beginning of a girl’s life what will happen to her when she hit puberty!? And I met another kid too, she was those shy little girl type. She was in 5 std and she couldn’t even read finish a paragraph from her English textbook but she was really trying hard to learn. Anyway the kids were after all happy as always  as a kid should be. They all deserve a better life and a better platform to get themselves established in this world.

And I hope the ones responsible to give them a better life doesn’t miss out chances as good as ” The Present Moment” to start working for the underprivileged kids.


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