Accusing AIIMS Of Nepotism, 95 People Protest After Losing Their Jobs

Posted by Rahul Bornfree in Society
August 21, 2017

Nepotism does not just exist in Bollywood. It’s prevalent all over India. I was on my way to meet a friend at AIIMS hospital in Delhi. I saw a small crowd of people wearing blue t-shirts and with a tag of TCS protesting against the administration of AIIMS. Both the police and media were present. I went closer to them and asked them, “What happened?” Suddenly everyone started speaking at the same time. I instantly took out my mobile from my pocket and started recording as everyone does nowadays. They said they had been chucked out of the company with a very short notice of one week.

They had been working there for a couple of years and were suddenly kicked out just because AIIMS’s permanent employees had decided to hire only their own relatives and loved ones for their job. They said there were 95 people who had been treated like dogs. One of the girls cried in front of me and said, “This job was the only hope for my family and now they have snatched this too.”

I am not part of the protest and I don’t know them. But I know this platform is one of the best platforms which understands the problems of the young ones.

Right now, 95 people are protesting outside AIIMS to get justice. Their jobs have been taken away. Many of them are from lower middle-class families. They thought they were working with an employee-centric company but they did not know that nepotism existed here too. The Narendra Modi government is already a failure in creating jobs but they didn’t know that their existing jobs would also be taken away. Today these 95 people are being kicked out. Who knows? Tomorrow, it might be your turn.